PFT Live returns to NBCSN and Sky Sports on Monday

PFT Live

Although the COVID-19 virus continues to threaten the health, well-being, and lives of citizens in countries throughout the globe, we’ve come up with a strategy for getting PFT Live back on NBCSN and Sky Sports in a way that protects all involved.

It will be a scaled-down operation, a skeleton-crew that won’t be able to add many bells and/or whistles to the broadcast. But the broadcast will be back on Monday, with Simms from his home and me from mine.

The radio show continued last week, and Simms and I recorded multiple video segments reacting to the free-agency news. On Friday, we brought in Peter King for an extend edition of PFTOT/#PFTPM.

Tomorrow, it’s all back to semi-normal. Which many of you will welcome, based on the flood of emails I received last week from folks on both sides of the Atlantic who were missing their daily fix.

So join us at 7:00 a.m. ET on NBCSN for a four-hour block of PFT Live. And check your listings on Sky Sports in the UK and Ireland for when the show will be broadcast there. And thanks very much for your support during these strange times.

We ask all of you to be safe, be smart, keep a proper physical distance from others, and repeatedly wash your hands. We can and we will get through this together, but the sooner we all take it seriously, the less severe it will be.

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  1. I want a large fan blowing against Florio’s face, I want to see if his hair ever moves.

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