Philip Rivers: Trust in Colts coaches creates confidence

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When Philip Rivers reviews his 2019 season, he sees a lot of the same things that other people do.

Rivers knows he’s “not coming off my best year” and he acknowledged having thoughts about calling it a career. Rivers decided he still loves playing and still feels he can play at a higher level than he did last season, which meant he just needed to find someone who wanted him after the Chargers said farewell.

He found that team in Indianapolis and it came with a familiar coaching staff. Colts head coach Frank Reich, offensive coordinator Nick Sirianni and tight ends coach Jason Michael all spent time with the Chargers and Rivers told Stephen Holder of that he believes that provides a good chance at success this season.

“There’s a good dynamic there,” Rivers said. “And I do think there’s a trust factor that was built with our time in San Diego. I think that’s important for a play caller and Nick as the coordinator. It’s important to have that trust. Frank has called a play before and we’ve made it work, or I’ve communicated [something] to him. We’ve had a lot of those experiences together, those trust-building experiences. And I think that that certainly lends to the confidence that this is going to be a successful opportunity.”

Rivers signed a one-year deal with the Colts and said he’ll see how he feels after the season before making any calls about continuing his career. However he feels physically, the on-field results of his reunion with those coaches will have much to do with any further chances for Rivers.

19 responses to “Philip Rivers: Trust in Colts coaches creates confidence

  1. Every year a QB is a need. Every season there will be teams finishing in last place that will need ‘help. Of course Rivers is gonna say the good things people want to hear. Will he perform at a high level at this stage of his career remains to be seen. If it doesn’t work out in Indy with the 1 year rental, I’m sure another team will be gullible enough to offer another rental for a year. Kudos for Rivers for playing his cards right!

  2. Last year the Colts were essentially using 3 WR4s when Hilton was injured. This year….looks like more of the same unfortunately.

  3. I had thought the Colts would have gone after Melvin Gordon to pair in the backfield with Rivers. Gordon is a real good ball catcher out of the backfield. And he’s dangerous in the open field. He’s not a bad blocker either.
    Rivers throws a lot of screens and flare passes and many of them are to a RB.
    It just made sense.
    Indy had plenty of cap space to do it. Oh well,…. probably why I’m not a GM.

  4. If the Colts O-line holds up, Rivers will do just fine. Chargers O-line was brutal last year. And for those saying Rivers isn’t better than Brissett…c’mon man! Get real!

  5. Philip and the staff worked well together in SD, especially with Frank Reich, first the QB Coach then later the O coordinator. With Indy’s line, which is very good and what he did not have in LA he will have a far better season next then last. No concern over the receiver corp sine he makes any receiver better. Not a Colts fan or hater, but I am a PR fan. Old school tough competitor.

  6. Sounds like Rivers is saying he didn’t have confidence in his Chargers coaches. I think Rivers bounces back this year with the Colts.

  7. “LA” Chargers had no OL that could run block or pass block. Lately the Chargers have been signing free agent offensive linemen. Spanos and Telesco, Spanos’s lap dog were sure they would get Brady. No way the cheap Spanos would pay Brady $50M guarranteed! They mistakenly blew out Rivers, the face and leader of the franchise. With their mis-play of Brady, the “LA” Chargers are looking for a retread or will throw a rookie to the dogs. Since the ” re-location” the franchise has been totally mismanaged. Spanos owes millions to NFL owners for the “relocation” and millions to Kroenke in rent to play in his stadium. Watch! The “LA” Chargers won’t get 20,000 fans to see them in person at Kroenke World. Chargers are a total disaster!

  8. The Colts oline is by far the best Rivers will have ever played behind. Playing at least 7 games indoors on turf will help him as well as well will playing in an offense he helped create. Wouldn’t surprise me if he has a career year.

  9. Rivers is definitely past his prime but he’s still way better than Brissett! Brissett is a good guy and a good teammate but he is not a starting caliber QB.

  10. If Eli had an Oline he would have been great last few years… you see the narrative here. These old guys are supposedly still awesome, they just can’t be touched and need 5 seconds and 3 yards of clearance to be pro bowlers.

  11. Patriot fans are the only tools trying to badmouth this signing. They are in fear. Rivers will blow Brady away in stats this year and it won’t be close. I can’t wait to make a road trip to Vegas to see the Colts play this year on top of it.

  12. I can assure you that Patriots fans are not “in fear” of the Colts or Rivers. Good luck though. No one will ever confuse Brady and Rivers, not this year or any other. Get a grip.

  13. So, Phil Rivers is going to be a geo bachelor in Indy while his wife and 75 kids camp out in Florida? I give it four weeks before he goes on “injured reserve” and is mysteriously never seen anywhere near Lucas Oil (AKA – the stadium that Peyton Manning funded) again.

  14. Florida panhandle to Indianapolis is an easy quick flight. You act like he doesn’t have the resources to fly his family in for games or whenever the hell he wants. Keep reaching. You Patriot fans are a joke. Rivers wants nothing more than to win a ring in “Peyton’s place” and even possibly surpass him in rings won in Indianapolis. Get a clue

  15. He’s played with all kinds of coaches and coordinators over the years and played well and gotten along with basically all of them. Do not underestimate the importance of that in a year where offseason workouts, etc are likely to be severely limited.

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