Report: Dolphins discussed deal with Jadeveon Clowney early in free agency

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Jadeveon Clowney wasn’t interested in being traded to the Dolphins last year and the team’s reported overtures to him as a free agent this year were also unsuccessful.

Clowney opted not to sign his franchise tag in order to go to Miami last year, which meant that a deal the Texans discussed with the Dolphins was scrapped and he was sent to the Seahawks instead. That lack of interest didn’t stop the Dolphins from turning back to Clowney this month, however.

Aaron Wilson of the Houston Chronicle reports that the team discussed a deal with Clowney that would have paid him an annual average salary of $17 million per year. Clowney was looking for more, which led the Dolphins to change course.

Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald reports there was not a formal offer for Clowney and notes they have signed Shaq Lawson and Emmanuel Ogbah to play on the edge of their defense for less than $17 million in salary for the 2020 season.

Clowney hasn’t found anyone to hit his asking price yet and remains the top-ranked defensive player on PFT’s list of the available free agents. That may result in a return to Seattle for another year with an eye on hitting the market again in 2021.

15 responses to “Report: Dolphins discussed deal with Jadeveon Clowney early in free agency

  1. It ain’t happening JClown. Go back to Seattle, get some sacks and stay healthy if you want that payday.

  2. IF Clowney was truly offered $17M/season for multiple yrs & turned it down to get MORE $$, then he’s a straight up moron!

    Like MANY players in the NFL, Clowney’s NAME far outweighs his actual production! He had just 3 sacks last year & seemingly disappeared for long stretches of playing time

    He’s absolutely NOT worth $17M! Good Luck getting close to that now

  3. Man, Flores learned nothing from BB.

    Assembling attempted all star teams via FA in 2-3 year window with no ol, qb, wrs, tes or rbs, is craziness.

    Even BB had tons of money Clowney would never be on their target list.

  4. Clowney getting press every day but basically it’s all the same info. Folks are interested but not at his perceived Value & market price. Hopefully his agent is able to convince him that the top of the FA hill has been passed. The $’s from here until well into the season drops off significantly. Better grab what you can, on a short term contract. Play well and do it again next off season.

  5. $17,000,000 mil / 3 sacks = $5,666.666 per sack.
    He probably figures that if he played better, he’d actually lower his compensation per sack.

  6. These guys are delusional…He’ll up not getting anywhere near $17 Million a year from anyone – EVER

  7. Clowney = Potential. Everyone saw his college Highlight blowing a dude up.
    He got drafted #1 Overall. He has been in the league 6 years and has not lived up to the #1 overall selection. He should be in the Prime of his career. The Last 3 years he has 21.5 Sacks and he turned down $ 17 Million ? A guy like Mario Addison has 29.5 over the same 3 years and signed for about half of what Clowney wants. His days of making money based on potential and being a former #1 pick are over. He has to put up some real numbers and not just a couple of highlights if he wants to get Paid.

  8. clowney would prove to be locker rm cancer we don’t need.maybe he can find job with wwe

  9. If Clowney wasn’t drafted as high he’d realize he should get paid on performance not reputation.
    Teams have already spent their free agency money, it will be harder for him to get paid now.
    He should have taken a long term deal because if he takes a 1 year prove it deal and doesn’t do well, he’s going to get much less.

  10. If he’s not getting anything this year what makes him think he will get anything next year. Should have taken the 17mil. Seattle is in the drivers seat, they should give him a take it or leave it offer.

  11. It does not matter how talented a player is. If they suffer from laziness or stupidity their impact is limited. Clowney suffers from both

  12. J Clowney is a somewhat younger me 1st mentality (different position) version as N. Suh. These two are not the only one’s like that in this league which is quite unfortunate. As time goes by they tend to stick out like a sore thumb and inevitably prove to be the teams weak link.

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