Report: Trent Williams still a possibility for Browns

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Two weeks after Washington gave Trent Williams permission to seek a trade, the left tackle remains a member of the team that drafted him fourth overall in 2010.

The Browns remain interested, Mary Kay Cabot of reports, but Williams and/or Washington will have to lower their asking price. The higher the choice the Browns would surrender, the longer-term deal they would want.

Williams is under contract for $10.85 million in 2020 and $12.5 million in 2021, but he has made known his desire for a long-term deal.

The Browns saw Joe Thomas retire after the 2017 season and still are trying to replace him.

Williams, 31, had Bill Callahan as his position coach in Washington for four seasons (not counting 2019 when Williams didn’t play). Callahan now coaches in Cleveland.

The Browns, with former General Manager John Dorsey, tried to trade for Williams at the October deadline.

9 responses to “Report: Trent Williams still a possibility for Browns

  1. Please make this happen, just remember last year. Only two things going against him: Browns going younger so at 31, goes against what the organization is trying to do. Also being away from the game for two years. Yes he has been injury free for two years, but he has to pass all physicals and show up ultimately in football shape. Wash hands, stay safe, and God Bless.

  2. Trent Williams reported to the Redskins mid-season last year, so his contract can’t toll, right??
    Meaning he’s under contract for $12.5M THIS season and will be a UFA in 2021
    So the Redskins have far less leverage than they think
    Plus he’s soon to be 32, missed 15 games over the 4 previous “healthy” seasons and wants MORE $$ & MORE years

  3. 4th round pick that can become a 3rd with incentives being met should get it done and over with

  4. The new CBA gets rid of marijuana penalties, so that’s not a concern. The Redskins would be incredibly foolish to let Williams walk for anything less than a 2nd round pick.

    The team that gets him should extend him and make him one of the highest paid tackles in the league–he’s that good. The Browns made a huge mistake not trading for him last season. Nothing hurts a young quarterback’s development more than a weak offensive line–and the Browns inexplicably didn’t do much their to help Mayfield. Paying Williams would go a long way in that direction.

  5. Lower their asking price? Trent needs to lower his asking price if he wants the trade. Skins have him locked down for 2 years. I’ll take a 3rd this year and a 2nd in 2021. Let’s get real here. 32 means he has no less than 4 really good years left. He is a top 3 LT, so if you want him you have to be respectful and realistic. I’m sure Haskins would love to see his blind side protected by TW if no one gives the skins a FAIR offer.

  6. He is undoubtedly one of the elite offensive lineman in the game. He is worth a second rounder and would be a complete steal for anything less than a second round pick. Rivera’s administration may waiver creating an opportunity. Regardless, this is an elite talent that is available now. He has never needed to practice over the years and can walk in and dominate from day one.

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