Cam Newton: I’m free and hungry

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Cam Newton is no longer a member of the Panthers and he’s posted his first message on social media since being released on Tuesday.

Newton posted a series of photos and videos showing him working out and running on a treadmill. The post came with a caption makes no reference to Tuesday’s move beyond saying “no pity party” and starts out with Newton writing that he’s “free and hungry.”

Hunger has been less of a question than health for Newton of late as he’s dealt with serious injuries to his right shoulder and foot over the last two years.

Newton’s release on Tuesday was preceded by a report that he took and passed a physical in Atlanta on Monday. It’s unclear if that will be enough for a team to move toward acquiring the 2015 NFL MVP, but they can now do so without taking on his contract or giving up anything in return.

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  1. I’m not a Cam fan but this guy’s gotta be worth something to someone. He needs to stay healthy though for sure.

  2. Should have been hungry when you fumbled the ball in the Super Bowl. I hope you know that you will never live that down.

  3. I’d feed him and agree to that contract. “free,” it doesn’t get much better than that.

  4. If the Chargers replace Rivers with Newton, they will immediately improve at QB.

  5. Actually hunger is just as much a question as health and after his failure to even attempt to dive for a fumble in the super bowl it’s always going to be a major question, right or wrong.

  6. He’s definitely not free. Scam’s asking for way too much in a new contract. Not gonna happen. Any team that signs him is in Tank for Trevor mode.

  7. He beat the Patriots the last couple of times they played. Maybe they should kick the tires, if he can leave the ridiculous outfits at home

  8. The Bears are trying to trade Burton and Trubisky. Neither have zero trade value, but in the off chance that does happen Cam and BDN are you going to be a better choice than Mitch the …..

  9. The Bears are trying to trade Burton and Trubisky. Neither have anything but zero trade value, but in the off chance that does happen Cam and BDN are you going to be a better choice than Mitch the …..

  10. He’ll find a home pretty fast but long term he’s the same Cam he’s always been. He has this (sort-of) flamboyant attitude about him that some love and some hate. I don’t know how well that would fit/work in NE but I’m leaning towards that being where he ends up.

  11. Matt rhule knows that if you want to win, it cannot be with a me guy like cam……smart move…..time to rebuild in carolina.

  12. With Cam Newton officially released by the Panthers, this means he will no be playing in Carolina next season.

  13. Hungry for what exactly? The years of being handed everything are over and he’ll have to put in some serious grunt work and possibly eat humble pie for a season…….does that sound like glam ‘I celebrate 1st downs’ Cam to you?

  14. I think it’s exciting to think that, if healthy, Cam could run those new fangled offenses, because he’s already proved that he can. His mobility, if healthy, is amongst the best at QB. Buffalo comes to mind! Allen is just ok…showed flashes but also showed he’s just ok. I’d be going for Cam ahead of Winston. Chargers? NYG…Washington, Miami, NY Jets, Titans.

  15. He’s looking to get paid and then become lazy again. Get a regular job because there ain’t gonna be no more sports.

  16. Maybe he should eat some meat. His injury issues and everything since all started downhill after he decided to go Vegan last offseason and lost a bunch of weight. He was terrible before he got hurt last season, lazier and more lethargic than usual. Then when he got hurt he had a recovery time that was measured in months, when it should have been weeks.

  17. Here is how Cam’s time would go with Bill Belichick:
    Bill – Hey Cam we’d like to sign you but it’s all about football here
    Cam – Coach I’m hungry to prove the Panthers wrong I’m all in
    Bill – OK Cam welcome to New England glad to have you on board

    Week 1 Sunday Morning live from the Locker Room It’s the Cam Newton Fashion Show

    Week 1 Monday Morning headline – CAM NEWTON RELEASED BY NEW ENGLAND

  18. Bill Belichick on line 1
    Hey Cam it’s Coach Belichick we’d like to have you in New England
    Cam Newton – Hey Coach I’m all in I’m hungry and ready to prove the haters wrong
    Bill Belichick – It’s all about football here Cam no time for B.S
    Cam Newton – I’m all in coach I’m ready to go
    Bill Belichick – OK Cam as you know there are some big shoes to fill glad to have you
    Week 1 Sunday Morning – Live from the locker room it’s the Cam Newton Fashion Show
    Week 1 Monday Morning – News from New England Cam Newton has been released by the Patriots

  19. No one wants a fragile player who whines when he’s touched. Maybe he can find a flag-football league to play in.

  20. Cam would be lookin’ dandy at those glitzy Hollywood parties. Juat his style with the “LA” Chargers. Another mismanagement disaster by Spanos and his lap dog Telesco. Anybody that thinks Cam Newton is better than Philip Rivers knows nothing about the NFL.

  21. whodatdomefieldadvantage says:
    March 24, 2020 at 7:22 pm
    He’ll have plenty of time to inventory his hat collection

    21 7 Rate This


    Bruce Arians would like to have a moment.

  22. Cam had one good year and then the league caught up to his game. The Ravens should pay attention. Better off drafting Lamar’s replacement in the next year or two instead of paying him and then realizing the mistake.

  23. Now the Panthers can move forward with a new regime in town and not have to stop every 5 secs to address Cam’s if healthy status and when/where…

  24. Already don’t like anything about him AND you want me to make him the face of my franchise AND
    I have to pay him 30 million?


  25. His career died when he started to care more about what he was wearing to the game than what he was actually did IN the game. I believe that started to happen in the games leading up to the Super Bowl. He doesn’t even resemble the QB from that season anymore.

  26. And so begins the journeyman portion of his career.

    Over/under of three years before the next, and last, “veteran backup” portion arrives.

  27. “I’m free and hungry”

    Lol how is this not the auto-biography about Jameis Winston college career?

  28. If he would at least act like he cares he’d still be the Panthers QB. I’ve never seen any player act so disinterested and nonchalant on the field. Really bad look for any player, but especially for a guy making upwards of $20 million per season. Seems like a total head case to me. Good luck Cam, you put yourself in this position.

  29. After years of getting killed behind one of the worst lines in the NFL and the coach and team not doing anything to solve it I would be happy to be out also.

  30. He’d work in Chargerland if they put in a Ravens-like offense. Kap would work there as well, but Spanos doesn’t have the guts to sign him.

  31. accuracy, durability and reading defenses are his weak points. He just thought he could run all the time and that’s hard to do in the NFL.

  32. Given that the QB market is very tight, and Cam may be relegated to being a backup, I think I’d take Jameis or Dalton over Cam as my backup- certainly Dalton if I had a young QB yhat I wanted mentored.

    Who actually thinks Cam would be a good “soldier” if the starter struggled? Not speak to the media and agitate to start?

  33. cheaptrix12 says:
    March 24, 2020 at 6:48 pm
    He’s definitely not free. Scam’s asking for way too much in a new contract. Not gonna happen. Any team that signs him is in Tank for Trevor mode.

    How in the world would you have ANY idea what he’s asking for monetarily? He was JUST released.

    And while injury history is a legitimate concern with him…to act as if he wouldn’t be a solid upgrade for what multiple teams’ QB rooms are looking like right now is laughable…and I’m not even a Cam fan.

  34. Probably not the best time to let us know we shouldn’t pity a man who has made tens of millions of dollars in his career.

  35. He’s going to have to sign somewhere, as a backup, for considerably less money than he thinks he can get. But if can stay healthy, who knows, perhaps in a year or two, he goes somewhere and starts and makes more $$$. Other than San Diego and New England, I cannot think of a spot where he would be able to start. And Anthony Lynn is love (for some reason) with Tyrod Taylor. I think I would take Winston before Cam, and I think Winston winds up in New England. I think he can still start somewhere and be above average.. just not this year..

  36. Chargers please. They haven’t been interesting since Dan Fouts — and Humphires, sort of.

  37. If Cam Newton is free, I would want him on my team. If you have to pay him any money, no thank you.

  38. Backup? Haha. Wow

    I don’t like the guy but he will start and he will do well, until injury anyway.

  39. If Cam Newton was actually free it would be interesting. Bring him in as a camp body, why not?

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