Matt Skura learned economic reality of being injured

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Getting injured last season cost Matt Skura at least a million bucks. Oddly enough, the money the Ravens saved on the deal helped them sign the guy involved in the play that injured Skura.

The Ravens center was lost to a Week 12 knee injury, and because he’s recovering from a torn ACL, MCL, and PCL, the Ravens tendered the restricted free agent at the lowest level possible, which is $2.133 million.

Doing so came with some risk, as another team could sign their former starting center away with no compensation, since he was undrafted. Had he been healthy, he’d have almost certainly gotten at least the second-round tender of $3.259 million. That’s a significant hit for a guy who made $1.8 million in three years, and $645,000 last year.

“I definitely felt like, ‘This kind of sucks, possibly losing out on an extra million in salary,'” Skura said, via Jamison Hensley of “But I mean, right now, I’ve just got to deal with it and say, ‘It is what it is,’ and go out and show that I’m still the same great player that they loved before, and hopefully that pays off and instead of just a million dollar difference. You know it will be much more and so now we’re talking about tens of millions of dollars.”

Skura is hoping to be return sometime during training camp (whenever that might be), and said he’s a couple of weeks away from resuming running.

When he does get back to Ravens camp, he’ll see former Rams defensive tackle Michael Brockers, who fell into the back of his leg on the play during which Skura was injured. Brockers was part of the team’s early splurge on defensive linemen, getting a three-year, $30 million deal.

That’s money which partially came out of Skura’s pocket, giving him two reasons to avoid Brockers when he returns to the field.

“Maybe he can sit out some plays when I’m in there,” Skura joked.

Either way, he’s still in the midst of a comeback, hoping he can get back to the field to start earning back the money he’s missing now.

3 responses to “Matt Skura learned economic reality of being injured

  1. Losing $1M stinks. It’s also tone deaf to most Americans who have lost a job to the virus. $1.8M over the past 3 years and another $2.133M this year is far more than most families earn over a lifetime.

  2. Oh BOO-HOO Buckdaddy – the man was asked a question which is more than you can say bc nobody cares

  3. I hope he can recover well but honestly, Pat Mekari stepped in at center as an undrafted rookie and didn’t miss a beat. Skura has definitely gotten better but he was nowhere near as good as Mekari when he was in the same situation a couple of years ago.p

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