New Rams helmet design may be hiding in plain sight


The Rams didn’t introduce a new logo on Monday. Instead they unveiled several of them. Perhaps in the hopes that everyone would like at least one of them.

It hasn’t worked. More than 80 percent of those who have responded to a PFT poll on the topic don’t like the logos.

And if they don’t like the logos, they may hate the new helmet decals. For the first time since a horn was painted onto a leather Rams helmet, it’s possible if not probable that the horn on the Rams helmet will not consist of one solid, continuous color.

Look at the two versions of the logo that contain a horn in them. The horns are identical; mainly yellow with a curved blue line and shading.

Don’t be surprised if the horns on the helmets look exactly like the shaded, blue-line yellow horn in the new logo.

Really, that’s the only thing the Rams could do at this point to make the horn different. It’s been yellow, it’s been white, it’s been gold. Thus, hiding in plain sight within the new logos is the evidence that the new horn on the Rams’ helmet quite likely will contain shading and a blue line, and plenty of Rams fans may not be fans of that break from franchise tradition, if that’s what the helmets will look like.

12 responses to “New Rams helmet design may be hiding in plain sight

  1. You rebrand when the franchise is a loser and you haven’t won anything in decades. Not when you just went to a Super Bowl.

  2. Another possibility is that the helmet logo is the ram’s head as pictured above. Probably not, but just in case, remember where you heard it first…

  3. I thought they had this figured out when they made the request to wear the royal blue and yellow unis in Super Bowl 53. That is what to go with long-term. It’s a winner with and for everyone involved. The champagne and blue change in 2000 was bad for everyone and I guess they now think more change is a good idea.

    Stop changing. This thought that they have to have some new logo and unis when they move in a new stadium is a marketing ploy and a horrible one.

  4. It’ll be hideous…and they will change back after the gear sales run their time contract commitments .
    Why can’t these owners understand the NFL fan?
    We liked tradition, not style trends that come and go in a year.

  5. The owners and their marketing people keep missing the point. Tradition matters. The Rams were on the right track with the Roman Gabriel whites and now they may have messed it up.

    If “tradition” doesn’t sink in with these teams then call it “throwback” and don’t screw it up.

  6. If you go to the Rams website and look at all the logos and branding together it makes more sense. Maybe they aren’t the best ever, but they’re not that horrible. Who knew that there were so many graphic artists and advertising experts among NFL fans?

  7. Don’t pretend to be a graphic artist but that design is hideous. The old design was among the best 5-6 in the league.

  8. When I was but a sprout (early/mid 1960s), I had the mini helmet collection that I think came from cereal boxes. The Rams helmet was my second favorite, behind the “home” team’s. I wish they’d just stick with that one.

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