P.J. Walker gets $150,000 signing bonus

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Playing well in the XFL paid off for P.J. Walker.

Walker, the quarterback who started for the Houston Roughnecks before the XFL season was canceled, got a $150,000 signing bonus when he joined the Panthers this week, according to Tom Pelissero of NFL Network.

That’s a very good signing bonus for a player who wasn’t even on an NFL practice squad when the XFL came calling in October. Suffice to say, without his solid play in the XFL, he wouldn’t have been able to command that kind of signing bonus.

Based on published XFL salaries, Walker likely made a total of $46,575 for his time in the XFL. All players received a base salary of $27,040, and Walker would have received another $8,425 in playing bonuses for playing in five games, and then another $11,110 for winning all five games.

In Carolina, Walker will be reunited with Matt Rhule, his head coach at Temple. Rhule might have offered Walker a spot on the Panthers’ offseason roster even without his XFL performance, but Walker wouldn’t have been able to command that signing bonus without the XFL because he wouldn’t have had other teams bidding for his services.

Walker’s contract will be a good advertisement for the XFL when it tries to convince players to join the league for the 2021 season.

10 responses to “P.J. Walker gets $150,000 signing bonus

  1. I think this guy is a superstar in the making,,,,
    Redskins will rule the day not signing him

  2. That’s good news. And a great example of how the XFL is good for football. Here’s hoping they continue to play next year and we finally get a full season in the Spring.

  3. I don’t get it. Did any of you people singing his praises watch any XFL games? They were terrible. I mean, from a proficiency standpoint, they were inferior to top-10 NCAA games. And the QB play was atrocious, I mean it was sooooo bad.

    Look, I like Walker just fine, he was clearly the best XFL QB over the 5-week stretch, but come on, it was the XFL.

    People need to get a grip.

  4. Colts fans just don’t look at this guy the way most other fans do. He wasn’t good the last 2 preseasons. Still hoping the best for him though.

  5. The quality of play in the XFL was noticeably inferior to the NFL. Still; The top players in the XFL are very good players and I would guess that a half dozen get contracts and a shot to make an NFL Team. Sticking on a roster will be much harder and I wish them well.

  6. His poise, accuracy, and leadership were on display in the XFL. This transfers over to any level of football. Sure, he didn’t look great in the NFL preseason, but neither did Kurt Warner his first NFL go around. He honed his craft in NFL Europe and the AFL and became an NFL hall of famer. I don’t see PJ getting quite those accolades, but he’ll be a good helping hand in Carolina and maybe 2-3 years down the road be worthy of starting.

  7. I watched all the Roughneck games including attending the home games, they were a fun bunch to watch! While PJ played great (I even bought a PJ jersey) I don’t think he would blow up the NFL. And I’m sure the coaches think he isn’t expected to, he will be a backup at best and I think he will be fine to come into a game or two when needed. One day he might be an avg starter but he would need some real playing time to get there.

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