P.J. Walker thinks he can start, trying to land No. 2 job for now

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P.J. Walker “had a purpose” when he signed on to play quarterback for the XFL’s Houston Roughnecks and he realized it on Monday.

Walker’s goal was to get back into the NFL after a stint with the Colts and his play with Houston helped him land a contract with the Panthers. He said he also heard from the Seahawks and Cardinals, but the opportunity to reunite with his college coach Matt Rhule in Carolina swung things in the Panthers’ favor.

Walker told Joseph Person of TheAthletic.com that he think he can be a starter “with the right opportunity and the right system and everything,” but Teddy Bridgewater just joined the Panthers and that means he’s aiming a little lower at the outset.

“Right now I’m just going in there trying to compete for the No. 2 job behind Teddy and see what happens from there,” Walker said.

Walker’s bid for that job got a boost on Monday when the Panthers traded Kyle Allen to Washington. Walker’s familiarity with Rhule should also be a plus for his effort to land that backup job and position himself for a shot at something more down the road.

9 responses to “P.J. Walker thinks he can start, trying to land No. 2 job for now

  1. I’m rooting for him. I think its smart to go play for Rhule where he may one day have a chance to start sooner than later, but the fan in me kind of wanted him to go somewhere like Seattle where he can learn from Russel Wilson. Not that I’m rooting for it, but an injury to Wilson and all of a sudden he’s thrust into a Seattle offensive that’s tailor made for him

  2. This guy started literally every game Matt Rhule won at Temple. This is not a simple case of a coach and a player having a previous relationship. You can safely say that Matt Rhule probably considers Walker to be a part of the reason why he has a head coaching job in the NFL. No Temple success, no Baylor job. No Baylor job, no Panthers job.

    Pretty solid place to land for Walker.

  3. Hope the best for him, but it will be an uphill battle just to nab the backup spot, let alone start over a guy you just guaranteed a heck of a lot more than 165K to. Hoping they keep 3 QBs on the roster.

  4. He’s got much better athletic talent than Teddy Bridgewater. It may sound strange, but I do believe with Walker’s connection with Rhule that he actually has a chance to win the starting job down the road. The competition is not insurmountable-he’s not actually battling Bridgewater so much as he is the starter that the team will pick in this draft or the next.

    Bridgewater has experience and poise, but at times he looked as if he was struggling to find receivers, even though the Saints won most of his games as starter. I think he did very well as a backup, and maybe we can attribute his poorer plays to his lack of a rhythm with the starters, but I recall him struggling at times to scan the field or read defenses until the gameplan opened up something for him after adjustments by the coaching staff. I could be wrong, and it’s just a slight hunch, but I think that Walker has a chance.

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