Packers signing Devin Funchess

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The Packers are signing receiver Devin Funchess, Tom Pelissero of NFL Media reports.

Funchess, 25, will play for his third team in three years.

He was with Carolina for four seasons before going to Indianapolis a year ago as a free agent.

But Funchess spent most of last season on injured reserve with a fractured clavicle. He played only one game with the Colts, making three catches for 32 yards.

In Carolina, Funchess played 61 of a possible 64 games. He made 161 receptions for 2,233 yards and 21 touchdowns.

24 responses to “Packers signing Devin Funchess

  1. He’s still young and has talent. He played TE at Michigan and can be effective in the slot for the Packers. Good signing as long as he is healthy.

  2. My initial reaction is mild bemusement, not exactly the veteran receiver I was hoping for.
    But I imagine after balking at the asking price of both Sanders and Anderson, this is about what you get rummaging through the bargain bin.
    Hopefully he arrives in shape and ready to play.
    I’ll withhold my judgement until I have more info.

  3. ARod(in his collarbone) says:


    You can do better than that.

  4. I’m all for talent, but is this the place for it? I feel like we have enough big guys on the team already (Kumerow – 6’5″ , EQ – 6’5″ , MVS – 6’4″) and now Funchess – 6’5″. We need someone who can run routes and has some kick in their steps.

  5. Gute likes big WR’s and he got another one. Good to have big bodies on the perimeter.👍

    I saw Funchess play a lot in 2017 and liked what I saw minus a few drops. Good red zone weapon to add for A-Rod.

    I also like adding a vet to the mix. Now let’s get to night one of the draft and give me Justin Jefferson. I will then feel good going into the 2nd round of draft.



  6. I would love to see Justin Jefferson drop to #30 too.
    It would be a blessing.

    But I was hoping for a stronger veteran receiver presence this offseason.
    Yes, the draft is definitely flush with receiving talent and I’m quite sure Brian and Matt will draft a couple, but with the offseason program likely shortened or possibly scrapped altogether, grabbing a skilled vet just made more sense this season.

    Again, I’m hoping for the best that Funchess can be effective and provide that security, but I’m definitely skeptical.
    At the very least, I’m quite sure, it’s not going to be an expensive mistake.

  7. Hard to believe he’s only 25 years old. Seems like he’s been around longer than that.

  8. In reference to all the targets in comparison to his receptions, look who was throwing him the ball most of his career. Needless to say, AR12 is easily the best QB he’ll have ever played with providing he makes the team.

  9. He’s not very good at separating from defenders. We all know that Rodgers doesn’t like to throw to anyone if they haven’t beaten their coverage (unless it’s Adams). His stats are very comparable to former first round bust Josh Doctson (who’s out of the league now). It’s a low-risk signing though so atleast they’re making some moves to try and add depth.

  10. Welcome Devin aboard the Pack train. Not a flashy signing but a solid signing for a guy who might ( and the key word is might) be a good #3 receiver . Let’s draft the number two receiver in the first round. Clearly an upgrade to a mediocre depth chart.

  11. kcarpenter1245 says:
    March 24, 2020 at 7:49 pm
    I’m all for talent, but is this the place for it? I feel like we have enough big guys on the team already (Kumerow – 6’5″ , EQ – 6’5″ , MVS – 6’4″) and now Funchess – 6’5″. We need someone who can run routes and has some kick in their steps.

    Davante Adams perhaps? Also EQ still has to show us what he can do as he was hurt on that field that wasn’t suitabe for NFL play in the preseason. You can help WRs with route running, you can’t make them taller.

    I get wanting some speed, and while I feel that seperation would be great as thats part of the reason I feel Rodgers held on to the ball too much, they can draft one or two for competition… but I also feel Rodgers getting more comfortable and better timing on offense will help create space, instead of hesitating to deliver the ball.

  12. The Vikings wanted him for their No.2 but for salary cap reasons they are limited to XFL practice squad players.

  13. We’ve all seen the wonders of modern-day medical science and technologies in the successful recoveries of many star athletes. He’s only twenty-five. It’s only a collar bone. If he comes back smart and ready, he could be a sleeper. The NFL rank of 17 isn’t that great for the Packers, but it’s a helluva lot better than the Vikings at 23………..and that was before they lost Diggs.

  14. Welcome to Titletown, Devin!

    You’ll get the best QB in the division and get to go up against the Vikings secondary twice per year. Expect to be breaking records on those days. Personal and perhaps NFL.

  15. Worst offense in the league and it’s not even close!

    Latest news from Bizarro World, where everything is the opposite.

  16. “It’s difficult to see how Funchess fills a need in Green Bay, even for the receiver-needy Packers. He has good size (6-4, 225), but the Packers depth chart at receiver is already littered with big bodies. He’s not measurably fast or athletic. He has struggled to separate from man-to-man coverage and catch the football throughout his NFL career. True consistency for Funchess has remained elusive.

    Between 2015 and 2018, only two receivers in the NFL with more than 300 total targets caught a lower percentage of those targets than the 51.8 percent Funchess caught with the Carolina Panthers.”
    —–packers publication

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