Was NFL’s closure of facilities sparked by push to postpone draft?

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Commissioner Roger Goodell has announced that, as of Wednesday evening, all team facilities will close. So what prompted this action?

It doesn’t take high-end logic (which qualifies me to engage in it) to draw a line from Goodell’s decision to an argument from the league’s G.M. subcommittee that the draft should be delayed.

As reported by ESPN, the group of General Managers believes that the state-mandated closure of operations in states like California and New Jersey while other facilities can function will create a competitive disadvantage for the teams whose employees were compelled to work at home. Now, with all team facilities closing, that’s not an issue.

The subcommittee also believes that teams won’t have time to prepare for the draft, given the cancellation of Pro Day workouts, private workouts, team visits, and further medical examinations. But if all teams are subject to the same rules — and if all team facilities are open or all are closed — it won’t be an issue.

The league seems to be determined to proceed with the draft on April 23-25, in the same way it was determined to proceed with free agency last week. Thus, the arguments made by the General Managers could ultimately fall on deaf ears. At the end of the day, the league will do what it always does: Whatever it wants to do.

5 responses to “Was NFL’s closure of facilities sparked by push to postpone draft?

  1. The first NFL draft was held at a hotel in Philly in 1936. Long before endless highlight reels, pro days and the combine to evaluate players.
    I like the “throw back” idea of the nfl draft. How do they play full contact in pads? Let’s see how good these overpaid executives (mainly G.M.’s) really are.

  2. Competitive advantage? If you’re only waiting until the two months leading up to the draft to scout your players, you don’t deserve to win. If ever there was an event that could easily be done despite stoppages and lockdowns… it’s the damn draft. Many of us conduct these at the beginning of every sports’ season. We call them fantasy… but they’re pretty much the same thing. And if ever there was a time to watch something as silly as the draft… it’s when there is nothing else on. It’s good for fans, and good for the league’s pockets since the ratings will most likely be at all-time highs.

  3. Yes… lets have a draft!!!!
    Its all equal now & after the top 15-20 players its a total crap shoot anyways!!!

  4. Since the draft will not have public events I don’t see the problem with holding it in April.

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