Eric Dickerson disappointed in Rams’ logo, will speak to team

Los Angeles Rams

Hall of Fame running back Eric Dickerson long has voiced his opinion about his former team.

In 2016, he criticized coach Jeff Fisher. The Rams fired Fisher with three games left in what turned out to be a 4-12 season.

So it comes as no surprise that Dickerson is expressing his displeasure with the Rams’ new logo. The team’s vice president of business development wrote on Twitter on Wednesday that he agrees with fans’ disappointment in the design and will speak to the powers that be.

“@RamsNFL fans, I reviewed your comments regarding new logos and share in your disappointment,” Dickerson tweeted. “I’ll be speaking with the Rams on our behalf. Please like if you prefer the logo on the left and retweet to vote for the logo on the right (Rams booster club). – The Rambassador.”

Dickerson’s tweet included alternate logos created by fans.

Many Rams fans are unhappy with the new logo unveiled Monday and are calling for a redo. More than 6,200 people have signed an online petition, according to Lindsey Thiry of ESPN.

Kevin Demoff, the team’s COO, acknowledged the new look would require an adjustment period for some.

“I’m sure it will be a surprise, it will be change,” Demoff said, via Thiry. “But lots of things are and I think it’s a change that our fans will come to know and love over time.”

19 responses to “Eric Dickerson disappointed in Rams’ logo, will speak to team

  1. Damn!!! Eric Dickerson just seems bitter, always finding away to complain about something just to keep himself relevant

  2. The one in the right looks like a college mascot. Not refined enough for the NFL

  3. isn’t the bigger issue that they stole this logo from Angelo State University?

  4. When they brought back the navy blue helmets with white horns, I had hoped they would bring back the all white uniform of the 60’s (cleanest look in the NFL)! The blue/gold combo just doesn’t cut it!

  5. How do you become a Vice President of Business Development without having graduated from High School or College?

  6. I’m sure several people signed off on it before making it public. They aren’t going to change it now, no matter who complains.

  7. The logo on the right works for me. I love the Rams traditional Ram horns, but if they’re doing a modern image update, the logo on the right says what needs to be said.

  8. When doing brand marketing changes, the VP of Marketing should consult all relevant opinion makers. Apparently, he didn’t do that. Oopsie, now it’s a Public Relations problem for the VP of PR. Which of course now makes it the CEO’s problem. Oopsie – things seem amiss in LA Ram’s corporate offices!! SB one year, miss the playoffs the next, corporate dysfunction the next – oopsie…kinda like a bad Hollywood sports movie…

  9. I’ll be honest, I don’t like the one on the right. They need to drop the LA on the left, or figure out some other way to incorporate the city in the logo…

  10. The logo on the right is not an improvement either. Hard to understand why they went to all this trouble with the new logo anyway. Revert back to the dark blue and white look they had on their helmets, get rid of the yellow gold, make the uniform jersey the same dark blue, and be done with this.

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