Jamie Collins: I bring some professional little things to get Lions over the top

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When the Lions announced that head coach Matt Patricia and General Manager Bob Quinn would return for the 2020 season, word from ownership was that the expectation is that the team will be playoff contenders.

The implication that failing to reach that level would negatively impact a potential return for the 2021 season wasn’t made explicit, although it probably didn’t need to be. The team’s offseason moves will factor heavily into whether they can make a big jump from 3-12-1 and one of the new arrivals believes he’ll help push the team where it needs to go.

Linebacker Jamie Collins said he thinks the Lions are close to “doing big things” and that his experience will be crucial to getting them there.

“One play here, one play there,” Collins said, via the team’s website. “When you’re a player, you look at the game different than outsiders and fans. We break down the game and process the game and digest the game just different than the average person. It’s always one or two plays that’s the difference in the game and I just feel like me being a veteran now, I can bring some veteran, some professional little things to get us over the top, and I’m definitely up for the challenge.”

The move to the Lions marks Collins’ second departure from the Patriots. He wasn’t able to help the Browns change course in two-plus years in Cleveland, but the Lions are banking on this time working out better after he rebounded in his return to New England last year.

9 responses to “Jamie Collins: I bring some professional little things to get Lions over the top

  1. There’s a lot to what he’s saying. If he/they can refocus the team in a few ways it can make a huge difference. That’s not enough. Structurally they need to do a few basic things that have been lacking,
    A) get after the QB, wtf why such a lacking pass rush!
    B) protect their own QB, wtf no more broken backs!

    While they aren’t just a small thing here and there from being a contender, I do agree they’re a lot closer than many people realize.

  2. I will wish Collins well. I’m hoping NE drafts Zack Baun out of Wisconsin to replace Collins athleticism and versatility.

  3. Bob Quinn can sign every ex-Patriot he wants to, including Bill Belichick, but it means absolutely nothing without Tom Brady.

    I’ll be shocked if Quinn and Patricia last after this season.

  4. Jamie is one hell of an athlete when he is ALL IN. At times he is a bit of an air head BUT when he is on his game he is exactly the kind of guy you want on your team and not theirs

  5. I think Detroit fans appreciate Collins optimism,… but then again most free agents offer optimism for their new team. It all looks good on paper,… let’s see it on the field before getting overly confident. Matt Patricia was a darn good coordinator,.. but as a head coach it hasn’t looked all that good so far.
    Stay healthy everyone.

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