John Elway latest G.M. to call for NFL to postpone draft

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It’s obvious NFL teams want the draft pushed back. It’s also obvious the NFL isn’t going to push back the draft.

The G.M. subcommittee lobbied the NFL on Tuesday to postpone the draft. Saints G.M. Mickey Loomis spoke to Peter King about his desire for the same.

Broncos General Manager John Elway has become the latest to voice his opinion on the subject.

“Really, we feel pretty good about where we are,” Elway said in an interview with the team website. “We’d rather have it backed up, so we can get all our scouts and everybody in, but if it’s limited and we can stay there and they’re not going to move the draft, we’re in good shape. I think that one of the reasons why, with I think the coaches not going to the Combine and them spending the whole week here just on the college side, it’s put us way ahead there because we’ve got the coaches’ rankings already. The scouts are already working on next year a little bit to the 2021 summer manual, so we feel like we’re in pretty good shape. If it moves back, great. We’re ready for that. If it doesn’t move, then we’ll be ready for that, too.”

The NFL has made it pretty clear the draft will proceed as planned April 23-25 sans all public events. Instead, the league will turn it into a made-for-TV event.

A handful of teams, including the Broncos, didn’t send assistant coaches to the Combine. Based on what’s happened in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, it’s likely given those teams a leg up in evaluating prospects.

14 responses to “John Elway latest G.M. to call for NFL to postpone draft

  1. So Elway says his people are ahead and working on the 2021 draft a little bit, but still wants this years draft “backed up”?

    This smells fishy to me and I think I know what is going on here.

  2. More time doesn’t make a lousy GM better. If anything, more time benefits everybody that’s better. And in this case, that would be 31 GM’s, not John.

  3. Saying he would rather have it backed up isnt the same as calling for it to be backed up and the article linked the author even says before that insert that Elway thinks it would be easier if it was moved back.

  4. I wish they would move it back. I was really looking forward to going to the Vikings draft part again this year. We even saved for VIP tickets this year. I could still go if they would just move it back to May or even June.

  5. So I was really on the fence about this but now that Elway wants to delay it, I’m convinced the right thing to do is hold the draft as scheduled.

  6. Elway just needs more time to decide which QB to blow his first rounder on this time.

  7. Shut up John. We’ve been without football for long enough and the draft is still a month away.

  8. As far as moving back to after the coronavirus pandemic, that would mean some time in June. Doubt that would happen no matter who asked for the draft to be moved. And there is no guarantee that pandemic will be over in June either. How somebody could skip the combine is beyond stupid.

  9. They’ve been scouting these kids for the last three or four years.
    They have reports upon reports, and endless testimonials and tape on every prospect.

    The combine meet and greet, agility and medical tests, as well as shuttle and 40 times, have for the most part, been duly noted and logged.
    They can still utilize the technology available to conference video chat between any needed coordinator, coach, and prospect.

    Many scouts have even said in the past that they get inflicted with information paralysis, and I believe it.
    There is absolutely no reason to push this back any further, bad optics or not.

    Let’s get 90 guys per team, playbooks in hand, set and ready to hit the ground running as soon as it is reasonably safe to start whatever training camps we have left.

  10. Oh, I forgot, isn’t Denver ruled by a committee of Trustees? A committee that can only go out of business if it chooses to replace itself with one of the late owner’s children? What a good idea that was!

  11. I get it… no Pro Days, and no one-on-one meetings in person.

    It’s going to be a tough draft. I wonder if teams are going to focus on need, over best player available…

    Determining BPA is Russian roulette when you only have tape to go by.

  12. Elway’s Crazy 8 ball is broken and he needs to find another one. However, all the stores are closed due to the virus. Hence, he is asking for the delay.

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