Mariota’s comments about Carr reminiscent of Tannehill’s comments about Mariota in 2019

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Raiders quarterback Marcus Mariota said the right things about being a backup to Derek Carr this year. And he may have known the right things to say because he heard Ryan Tannehill say the same things about him in Tennessee last year.

Last year, Mariota was the Titans’ starter, and when Tannehill arrived, everyone insisted that Tannehill was just Mariota’s backup. This year, Carr is the Raiders’ starter, and everyone is insisting that Mariota is just Carr’s backup.

But, as everyone learned in Tennessee last year, a starter is only the starter until he isn’t. And just as Mariota was benched for Tannehill, Carr could be benched for Mariota.

This week, Mariota said, “I’m going to do my best to support Derek in every possible way that I can.”

Last year, Tannehill said, “I’m going to try to help Marcus as much as I can.”

This week, Mariota said of whether he’ll get to play, “First and foremost this is Derek’s team, and I understand that. I understand that going in.”

Last year, Tannehill said of whether he’ll get to play, “I don’t try to think about that. I have way too much respect for Marcus, him as a player, him as a person.”

This week, Mariota said, “a strong, stable, supportive quarterback room makes that job a whole lot easier.”

Last year, Tannehill said, “we’re aligned in trying to push each other and make each other better. Ultimately, we want to help this team win.”

The bottom line is this: Tannehill was brought in to be Mariota’s backup — until Titans coach Mike Vrabel decided otherwise. And Mariota was brought in to be Carr’s backup — until Raiders coach Jon Gruden decides otherwise.

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  1. This is Athlete Speak 101 ( Crash Davis ) Of course they are going to go out and compete and try to be the starter. Would you want a guy on your team who was just happy to have a job and was going to sit in the corner, get fat and cash checks ?

  2. It is crazy to think that Nate Peterman is the best QB on this roster. Just Move Baby!

  3. Jon Gruden has been good at 2 things:
    1. Taking a really good team that someone else built and motivating them to a Super Bowl win
    2. MNF broadcaster

    What he isn’t good at:
    1. Developing QBs
    2. Evaluating QBs

    During the Preseason in his last year in Tampa Bay he had 7 QBs. It was a joke and he had no clue how to evaluate or develop any of them. This mess in Las Vegas is only going to get worse. He has no idea what to do with Carr or Mariota.

  4. It’s blindingly obvious Mariota’s been brought in as cover, for if Carr’s released (or somehow traded) after June 1st the Raiders save a few million compared to a pre-June release. Even if he has a good Spring it’s clear, given they were sniffing Brady, that Raiders want to move on.

  5. Why does it feel like Gruden is casting Real World NFL Edition instead of a football team? I think the Raiders have more talent than my Broncos, but it seems like Gruden likes drama and the spotlight as much or more than he likes winning.

  6. Like @MichaelE says…standard script, and most players don’t even ad lib. Often times people bash them on the boards for being positive, to which I always ask what do you expect them to say.

    I think he is going to be a fine backup in this league. Also think he is going to start at some point in LV. And I think he is still going to be backup quality.

  7. Tom Brady wasn’t even guaranteed a backup spot when he was drafted in the 6th round. Competition is good for everyone. Sometimes it even takes an injury to get on the field.

  8. Mariotta has similar skill set to Gannon (whom Gruden loved)…think I know where this is going…

  9. This is the standard script for once starters turned back up. The fatal flaw with your inference that Mariota will end up the starter is that Carr is far and away a better QB than Mariota. The same couldn’t be said about Mariota V. Tannehill. Tannehill was better than Mariota the day he was signed.

  10. The difference between Mariotta and tannehill is Marcus was the starter and lost his job to Ryan.
    Marcus played poorly on a team suited to his strength.
    Why would he all of a sudden getting much better on the raiders?

  11. Mariota did not perform well with the same players around him that Tannehill too over and performed quite well with. Tannehill in the rare times he had a decent Oline in front of him in Miami played well there.

    It seems unlikely that if Carr performs poorly, that Mariota will do any better with those same players around him since he couldn’t perform well with a good set of players around him in TN

  12. Mariota’s main issue since his college days is that he doesn’t protect himself and it’s cost him at the NFL level where the hits he takes are much, much bigger. He could be a productive QB if he learned to get rid of the ball quicker and got out of bounds before taking hits. He’s be rattled physically and mentally and now isn’t the same QB he was in his first couple of years.

    Having said all that, I doubt he’s going to take Carr’s job unless it’s due to injury.

  13. Mariota still has tremendous potential, he just never was right here after his elbow injury. I think all he needs is a change of scenery. I’ll always be a big fan and supporter of his and you’d be hard pressed to find someone in Nashville that will say something bad about him.

  14. I wish we had a real QB like Mariota or Carr in Buffalo.

  15. The difference is Tannehill is a decent QB when healthy and Mariota isn’t. He never should have been drafted as high as he was.

  16. Classy by Mariota….this is EXACTLY the type of opportunity he needs and really what the Raiders and Carr need. Win + Win + Win = Raider Nation Win.

  17. This is _______’s team is just stupid. NBA players get caught up in that B.S. philosophy all the time and they look like little diva’s battling to be prom queen.Leaders don’t have to tell people they are leaders. It’s just ingrained in their DNA. I don’t know who’ “team” it was in Tampa Bay they are going to have to give up the throne when T.B. hits town because he will be the maestro and every else will be in the orchestra because he is a perfectionist work will out think and out work everyone. Teammates has said he’s just a stone maniac on game days because he is so focused. He doesn’t have to tell his teammates he is the leader….. it’s a given.

  18. I wish we had a real QB like Mariota or Carr in Buffalo
    2nd order Bills fan here (I married into a Bills family). Josh Allen will improve. Having more consistent weapons will help. I believe the Bills are on the rise.

    Back to the topic at hand. I still think Mariota will win some games. As another poster above said, he took a lot of hits that he has to not take.

  19. Trubisky is better than all of these QBs combined and that’s not saying much.

    Raiders desperately need a QB!


  20. Difference is that Tannehill is a very good QB who got fired because he couldn’t beat the Patriots often enough. The other two aren’t as good as he is.

  21. Carr is as good (or bad) as the coaching he receives and Mariota is also a decent QB who can potentially do well with good coaching.

    The Raiders major problem offensively is not at the QB position but with the HC.

  22. The big difference is Tannehill is better than both and it was just a matter of time before he regained his spot atop a depth chart.

    I think Carr is still better than Mariota.

    The Raiders might inevitably make the same kind of switch after a 3-4 start……the results won’t be the same as Tennessee’s.

  23. I’d love to see a new QB say, “Yeah, this is great. I get paid millions and all I have to do is carry a clipboard and I even get field level seats at all the games. What a country!”

  24. Some teams like the Bills and Bears don’t even have one NFL caliber QB and the Raiders have two.

    One nation, Raider Nation.

  25. Mariota versus Denver last season, right before being benched and the ensuing Tennessee drive to the playoffs:

    7/18 – 63 yards – 0 tds, 2 ints. He was benched early in the third quarter.

    Maybe it was a bad game, but… this move is curious at best. Gruden has devolved into a hoarder when it comes to lousy quarterbacks. They’re starting to pile up like rusty old cars in some backcountry yard in an episode of American Pickers – Quarterback edition.

  26. The Bears and Bills are both far better teams than my Lions and Raiders.

    One Nation, Over Raider Nation

    One Lion Pride, One playoff win in 63 years.

  27. “It is crazy to think that Nate Peterman is the best QB on this roster. ”

    You’re right. It is crazy to think that. Carr and Mariota have both started for several years and both are right at a 2 TD to 1 INT ratio. Peterman has 3 TDs vs 12 interceptions so a ratio of 1 TD to 4 INTs. And both Carr and Mariota have more TD passes than Peterman has passing attempts.

  28. A change of scenery sometimes is like magic. Steve Young didn’t look anything like he did in Tampa Bay, once he went to San Francisco. Ditto Brett Favre, Jim Plunkett, Drew Brees. All these guys won super bowls after the teams that drafted them gave up on them. They gave up on them because they weren’t winning. So it’s not that the original teams were wrong. It’s just that the change was right. Sometimes certain guys take longer to mature into a pro QB. It’s especially true with super athletic guys like Young, Favre, and Mariota, because they’ve always been able to let their feet bail them out. Sometimes it’s just a different coach’s voice. Mariota is a great QB, and he’s very young.

  29. Gruden and Mayock should have waited before signing a FA QB.
    Cam Newton would have been a smarter signing. Granted he was under contract until this week,… but they knew Cam would be available. In hindsight,… a 5th round pick probably would have gotten a trade done.
    Cam has something left in the tank if he’s healthy.

  30. What if Mariota had said, “It’s a new day. Derek had his chance and blew it. There’s a new sherriff in town and his name is Marcus”.

  31. I would love to be the last person on the bench for any professional sports team just for 1 year.

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