NHL delays its draft, which had been set for June

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The NFL has shown no inclination to delay its 2020 draft, which is set for April 23-25. The NHL already has delayed its draft, which was set for more than two months later.

The NHL announced on Wednesday that is has delayed its Scouting Combine (set for June 1-6), its annual awards (set for June 18), and its draft (set for June 26-27).

It’s possible that the delays arise from a desire by the NHL to conclude its season, with a postseason that potentially would conflict with the draft. Still, instead of playing the waiting game (like other leagues known by acronyms that start with an N and end with an L), the NHL and Commissioner Gary Bettman moved quickly and proactively, acknowledging the reality that the COVID-19 pandemic won’t allow teams to properly prepare for a draft to be held in more than three months.

Meanwhile, the NFL currently intends to proceed with its draft in four weeks and one day. As General Managers like John Elway and Mickey Loomis openly advocate for change and other league figures potentially go on the record to advocate for delay, it will be interesting to see what the league does.

18 responses to “NHL delays its draft, which had been set for June

  1. Situation is apples to oranges. football seasons finished. All the scouting was done, game films poured over, combine finished. zero reason to delay it when you can skip the spectacle and video chat with every pick from their house. nhl didnt get to do any of that.

  2. All you fear mongers, will be back to work mid April.

    NHL still has a good chance.

    NFL will be fine.

  3. Draft shouldn’t be delayed. So the teams can’t over analyze every aspect of all the draftees, big deal. It will probably help them.

  4. No need to delay it. Just have it online and commentary from people’s home offices. Add 2 minutes to the selection process. The NFL draft wasn’t always must-see-TV and having a year away from over analysis would be fine.

    I can see who was drafted by an online tracker and read up on them.

  5. America is locked down, bored, getting restless and missing normalcy. These drafts and free agent signings give people something to look forward to, something to read and post about and something to occupy ourselves. We can’t leave the house -but we can at least entertain ourselves with our back room sports!

  6. This has everything to do with the NHL wanting to get the playoffs in, and get credit for the year in their TV deals. They’ve asked teams for building availability schedules into July and August. They won’t have the draft until after the playoffs, and free agency until after the draft. They won’t schedule either one until they officially cancel the playoffs. This was nothing but clearing the schedule for potential playoffs, as well as for a possible tournament for the first overall pick, which is an idea that’s been floated out there.

  7. Just do it online! The draft doesnt need to be a big production. Do it for the people… we are bored.

  8. Not every delay needs to be The thought the virus won’t be contained by June when In actuality it’s the nhl hoping the season will Resume.

    As for the nfl it would do more good for fans everywhere to get diverted by the draft so enough with the combine and rubber gloves. Do it like they used to . Look no further then the buzz created by free agency .

  9. With every sport cancelled, and so much bad news everywhere, I for one am grateful that the NFL draft is able to go ahead remotely. It provides hope, and a distraction from all noise. So instead of trolling Goodell for waiting to see what happens, how about offering a little hope to the sport that pays you?

  10. Surprised the NHL outsmarted the NFL this time. However, the NHL has to find a way to play the last 10-12 gms – more than a few owners rely on the reg season & playoff gate receipts to just get by, financially.

  11. Here’s the real reason that NFL GM’s don’t want the draft to go off on time. They don’t want everyone to know that you can do it without the months of interviews, personal workouts and nonsense that justifies the existence of their huge scouting staff and budgets. If they have a successful draft this year without all of that stuff, people might start to ask them how much of it was really necessary.

    You’ve got multiple seasons of tape and all of the data from the combine and interviews at your disposal. It’s more than enough to make a decision on a player.

  12. If the NFL didn’t delay free agency, why should they delay the draft? Look, I get that the draft is no longer just a selection of players by teams, but in reality, that is the goal of the draft; figure out which college players are playing for which NFL teams. The ancillary party that has been built up around this over the past several decades is not necessary for the draft to be held.

    If the league postpones the draft, it would be done because there wouldn’t be the surrounding party and hoopla. In the end, that stuff doesn’t matter.

    The draft can still be held on time, and conducted remotely. There’s no reason to push it back, other than the money the league would hope to take in by throwing a party around it; that is not reason enough to delay the draft.

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