One-helmet rule could change for 2021

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Bucco Bruce could be making a comeback.

Appearing on The Dan Patrick Show, Buccaneers coach Bruce Arians said that the creamsicle throwbacks could be returning in 2021, because the league will be ditching the rule that limits players to one helmet per year. This would allow teams that would like to use an alternate uniform with an alternate helmet to do it.

“There will be no change for the 2020 season,” NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy told PFT via email. “There are ongoing discussions for a potential change for the 2021 season, but no decisions have been made.”

So it could happen. Which means that the Buccaneers could scrap pewter for white, with the image of the swashbuckler with a sword in his mouth. The Patriots could dump silver for white, and Pat Patriot getting ready to snap a football.

The Titans could bring back the Oilers, white or light blue helmets. The Steelers could bring back their yellow helmets (but shouldn’t).

And so it will go. If it happens. But “if” is the key word.

Hopefully, the NFL will let teams deviate from a rule premised on, for reasons I’ve never understood, minimizing concussions. Although no one wants a Nikefication that results in umpteen different helmets per team, the league should allow every team to wear two. Which would allow some classic uniforms to make their return to football.

30 responses to “One-helmet rule could change for 2021

  1. What’s the difference how many helmets they use as long as they have the same protection against a concussion.

  2. I’ve heard several say there was absolutely no evidence that this rule prevented concussions anyway.

  3. Not a fan of the NBA but I will say I think it is cool how they allow all the different uniforms. Not saying the NFL should go that far but seeing the throwbacks once or twice a year is fun. Of course it’s not called the “No Fun League” for no reason.

  4. The ONLY alternate uniform that actually looks good is that of the San Diego Chargers and their powder blue jerseys with the white helmets. Any other alternate uni isn’t a good look.

  5. ‘If’ is not the key word. Money is. And if the NFL thinks it will make more money, then if will become it will.

  6. I remember back in the 90s when the NFL did half hearted attempts at throwbacks. Like the Jets, they just slapped an old era Jets sticker on the current helmet. Buffalo did the same thing….

  7. I am worried that we wont have any football in 2020. I can deal with no baseball, basketball, and hockey… but I don’t know if I could manage without Football.

  8. YO! , C’mon man , need some ‘Kelly Green’ with Silver Wings !
    Can’t wait another season .

  9. I like the throwbacks!

    I would like to see the Bucs use a helmet with the pirate flag on one side and Buco Bruce on the other side. The old with the new. I’d like to see more orange in the color scheme. Less of that terrible pewter. I can’t stand those digital clock numbers.

    It’s time to blend the old and the new, the past and the present, together for the Bucs.

  10. Any characterization on the helmet should be based on truth. The Vikings didn’t wear helmets with horns but they all had yellow pigtails.

  11. I promise:

    if the Dolphins throwbacks replace their stupid current ones, I will never ask for a throwback again.

  12. As long as Denver doesn’t go back to their early 60’s unis. Worst. Uniforms. Ever. Rivaled only by the NY Titans unis (pre Jets) of 1960-62

  13. The Cowboys clean white and solid navy blue star unis are the best alternates there was for me.

  14. Pretty sure eagles will be bringing back the kelly green, considering lurie is the one who’s been proposing this rule change the last couple years.

  15. To be honest,… I didn’t care for too many of the past throwback Uni’s. It’s a marketing strategy by the NFL. They could ditch it for all I care.

  16. They paint helmets and replace decals between games anyways, why couldn’t a teams helmets be repainted and new stickers put on? They get touch ups all the time anyways .

  17. Rather than a throwback (been there done that) I’d rather see some of the futuristic uniform concepts I’ve seen different people create

  18. About time, it made 0 sense to ban them in the first place. How hard can it be to 2 different helmets with the exact same inflation throughout the padding? I’m looking forward to throwback games being a thing again, SOOO much better than the dumb color rushes.

  19. Think the obvious answer is that changing helmets cost money, and fans don’t buy helmets, like they do jerseys. Little cost benefit for teams.

  20. It’d be nice to see the Bucs, Broncos, Titans, Pats, and Eagles to wear their throwbacks.

    Kinda miss the uniforms of… say… 1988.

  21. Would Brady have signed with the Bucs if there was a chance he’d have to wear that ugly “creamsicle” uniform? That would’ve been a deal-breaker for me! 😀

  22. This has always been a stupid rule that has nothing to do with safety. The Teams historys’ are important. Very few people know about the 1969 Saints BLACK pre-season helmets that were banned by the league (Marketing was already in place so the league banned them…notice wasn’t given to the nFL in time). I always thought it would be cool if the Saints donned Black “Alternate” Helmets in the PreSeason to pay Homage to that historic fact and to that era of their franchise!

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