Patrick Onwuasor signs with Jets

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The Jets made a big splash early last offseason by signing former Ravens linebacker C.J. Mosley and they’re making a smaller one this offseason by adding another linebacker from Baltimore.

Ian Rapoport of NFL Media reports that the team has agreed to a deal with Patrick Onwuasor. No terms of the deal were in the report.

Onwuasor was a starter for the Ravens in 2017 and 2018 and he opened last season as a starter as well. After five games, Onwuasor moved to the bench and saw a drop in playing time that remained for the rest of the year.

Onwuasor finished the year with 64 tackles, three sacks and a forced fumble.

8 responses to “Patrick Onwuasor signs with Jets

  1. Good role player, good special teams guy, and a hell of a blitzer but don’t count on him to be the defense’s QB. Good luck Peanut and thanks from Baltimore.

  2. So refreshing to finally have a GM that understands how to build a team the proper way. Once the Jets got their footing last year finishing the season on a 6-2 run, you could feel that the players especially the defense was responding. Now with a new OL and more weapons coming in the draft, there is no reason why 7-9 team can move to 9-7 or better in 2020.

  3. tylawspick6 says:
    March 25, 2020 at 2:47 pm
    Jets really going all in with these Ozzie Newsome draft busts. LOL!

    Patrick Onwuasor was an undrafted rookie free agent.

  4. @tylawspick6

    Hard to be a draft bust when he was undrafted! It’s an ok signing. Everyone expected Onwuasor to fill in for Mosely last year but he was a huge dissapointment and ended up losing his job to some John Doe’s. The Ravens can definitely upgrade the ILB spot by using a draft pick or what they often do finding a quality UDFA that fits the system.

  5. Peanut is a good depth signing – I thought we would resign him but there may have been a bit of a falling out later in the year over playing time – he got lost in the wash when we had a 2-game losing streak early in the year and for whatever reason the linebackers caught most of the blame – Jets GM is ex-Raven guy and knows what Onwuasor brings.

  6. A few years ago the Eagles took a bunch of personnel and players from the ravens and they won a super bowl. Looks like Joe Douglas is trying to do the same thing with the Jets.

  7. He’s pretty good in pass coverage, but a bit undersized to take on running backs in the hole. His speed makes him effective blitzing if he’s unblocked or picked up by a back, but he gets handled by offensive linemen. Hard worker on special teams though, and he did a little experience as a lead linebacker, even though that didn’t end up working out.

    Paired with Mosely this is a good signing. This will give the Jets a linebacker to help in coverage to help cover for run defenders in the front seven, and also help on special teams.

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