Rams using Twitter hate of new logo to raise money

Getty Images

The Rams unveiled a new logo this week. If you’ve been on Twitter, you may be aware the reaction was not universally positive.

But Rams executive Kevin Demoff is at least trying to funnel the hate in a positive direction.

Demoff told Jarrett Bell of USA Today that if the TeLAthon fundraiser the Rams held Tuesday topped $2 million in donations to benefit a local coronavirus relief fund, he’d read the most hateful of the tweets.

“If some self-deprecating humor and people taking shots at me can raise money for someone who needs a meal, that’s the best thing I can do with my time,” Demoff said,

He should have plenty to choose from, as not many are thrilled with the new look (though the actual Ram in the secondary logo is pretty cool). But Demoff also said the response has been positive in terms of the blue and yellow color scheme, noting that any time you change things, people on the internet are going to squawk.

Including his own family.

“I think my kids are more excited about it than anything,” Demoff said of the mean tweets. “But it’s really one of those things where anytime we can drive help — and if that’s by poking fun at ourselves and not taking ourselves too seriously, I’m all for that.”

That kind of sense of humor — and a spirit to serve — will get a lot of us through this unique moment in time.