Vikings sign Tajae Sharpe

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The trade of Stefon Diggs left a big hole in the Vikings wide receiver corps and they started to fill it with a free agent signing on Wednesday.

Ian Rapoport of NFL Media reports that the team has signed former Titans wideout Tajae Sharpe. It’s a one-year deal for Sharpe and there’s no word on the money involved.

Sharpe was a 2016 fifth-round pick in Tennessee and missed the entire 2017 season with a foot injury. He played in 47 regular season games and made 29 starts over his other three years with the team.

Sharpe caught 92 passes for 1,167 yards and eight touchdowns while with the Titans. He added one catch for six yards in the playoffs last season.

Adam Thielen, Bisi Johnson, Chad Beebe, Alexander Hollins, Dillon Mitchell and Davion Davis are the other wideouts on the Vikings roster.

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  1. Haven’t heard much about this guy. I am sure he is a veteran guy who will compete with Bisi and our draft pick for the number 2/3 slots. Good signing. Now we need a veteran CB to help give us the same thing with Holton Hill and the draft pick in April. Draft should yield us with a 1st rd CB and OT/DE (depends on who is on the board). WR should be a 2nd round pick who should add some quickness for us. I have a feeling the Vikes aren’t done making a splash.

  2. 92 catches, 1,167 yards for 8 scores, I have to say, that’s a pretty impressive pickup for the Vikes………Oh wait, those are career statistics.
    Umm…….never mind.

  3. Not a real exciting signing but it’s an inexpensive veteran who can come in and compete for a job. He’s still young and will be three years removed from that foot injury when the season starts so there’s some potential upside there.

  4. He’s no pro bowler, but he’s not hit his ceiling either. I noticed this guy in a few games, he can certainly block and catch, and he’s shown flashes of greatness in route running. I would’ve taken him over Funchess.

  5. Solid but not spectacular guy…impressed by working his way into a starting job as a low-round rookie, but was in a little over his head and was better as a 3rd or 4th guy. Regularly out-played guys with better draft status or measurables.

    One of those guys you didn’t mind starting for someone injured, but wouldn’t be excited about as a full time starter either.

    I think the Titans were hoping to get him back…but expected someone to throw better money at him, like Conklin.

  6. The Vikings made a splash by signing Michael Pierce and Tajae Sharpe (flashes of greatness …what?) while losing Joseph, Griffen, Waynes, Diggs, Alexander, Rhodes, and Weatherly.

    That’s a pretty small splash.

  7. Camp body/mentor veteran. The Vikings still need a relatively high WR draft pick. But I think govs127 pretty much called it, both in need and order. Huge defensive holes to fill, like CB and DE in first round unless another high-value need or highly valued player drops to them, WR and OT between 2nd and 3rd rounds. We have Holton Hill and Mike Hughes as well, but I see us drafting 2 CB’s in the first 3 rounds. We just lost our 3 top starters, and Mike hasn’t made a full season yet due to injuries.

  8. What a joke of a free agent signing.
    After paying Cousins more money, teams will double cover Thielan, and Kirk can take more sacks and fumble. It’s going to be a horrid season in Minnesota this year.

  9. This new guy will be lucky to start if they draft right. Not an exciting Viking off-season. Granted the older high cost guys had to go, but this team will need to absolutely smoke the draft to reach the playoffs and win a playoff game like last year. At least they didn’t sign Geronimo Allison, the WR cheesers touted as the next big thing.

  10. Must be the off season. Everybody complains about teams signing reserves and special teams players. Many on PFT are not aware of how many players it takes to fill a roster. Is it more than 22?

    Sharpe is 6’2″, 194. Ran a 4.55 at combine a few years back. Aged 25. Yes, he is a reserve/special teamer/possible camp body. Yes, those players are needed too.

  11. I’m not a big fan of the Vikings spending a high draft pick on a WR, given their recent lack of success doing so. Unless they can draft a “sure thing”, I’d rather see them find a later round gem like Diggs, or develop some of that young in-house talent.

    After Troy Williamson, Sidney Rice, Percy Harvin, Cordarelle Patterson and Laquan Treadwell, I’d rather see those first round picks go for OL or DL.

  12. packertruth says:
    March 25, 2020 at 12:33 pm
    The Vikings made a splash by signing Michael Pierce and Tajae Sharpe (flashes of greatness …what?) while losing Joseph, Griffen, Waynes, Diggs, Alexander, Rhodes, and Weatherly.

    That’s a pretty small splash.


    At least the Vikings jumped into the pool, the Packers haven’t even dipped their toe in the water to see if its cold.

  13. First, the Vikings have no salary cap space to bring in a top-flight WR… Minnesota ranks dead last in the NFL in cap space at -$12.2 million. Their only hope is the draft. Diggs will be hard to replace on the roster because he was almost uncoverable even though he drew the double coverage. The Vikings had better hope that Adam Thielen was not a product of Diggs because he will now draw the double coverage.

  14. Hope the Vikings keep the FAs signings small.. Wth every team bidding up the Viking’s FAs this offseason their compensatory haul next year will be nice.

    btw, the vikings currently are at +13.4 in cap space. Are packers fans every right on here. Quite lterally the dumbest fan base in the NFL.

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