Bengals in no hurry to decide what to do with Andy Dalton

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The Bengals are expected to draft LSU quarterback Joe Burrow with the first overall pick, which will make incumbent starter Andy Dalton the odd man out. So what becomes of Dalton?

At this point, no one knows.

The Bengals haven’t decided what to do with Dalton and are in no hurry to make a decision, according to Ian Rapoport of NFL Network. Cincinnati could keep Dalton for the 2020 season, trade him or cut him.

Dalton is due a $17.5 million base salary plus a $200,000 workout bonus this year, but the salary is not guaranteed and no one knows what’s going to happen with offseason workouts, so the Bengals can cut Dalton at any point without having to worry about the cap implications. Cincinnati has plenty of salary cap space and doesn’t appear to be in a hurry to get Dalton’s cap number off the books.

It’s possible that the Bengals could wait until just before the start of the season to decide what to do with Dalton. Some team could lose its quarterback and make a trade offer, and that would allow the Bengals to get something back for Dalton as they move on to Burrow.

19 responses to “Bengals in no hurry to decide what to do with Andy Dalton

  1. They need to resign him at about $10 million per. Dalton has made more than enough dough and had many opportunities to succeed. No way Burrow will be ready to start in September.

  2. If y’all know anything about Mike Brown, he is a loyal and patient guy. Smart enough to beat the IRS out of $51 million. But prude enough to not give something of value away for nothing (ask Carson Palmer). He will get something for Dalton. The fact that he still drives his 1986 Chevy Lumina tells you everything you want to know about how he looks at things. We are shocked in Cincinnati With what is going on with these FA signings.

  3. One of the few teams that consistently hover around the salary cap pay floor. Never going to win this way-

  4. At the price you have him for, you would be a fool not to sit on him till very minimum the draft is over. Afterwards, you are probably still keeping him you know Burrow is ready to start. If Burrow is ready you might get lucky like The Eagles did when Teddy Bridgewater messed up his knee, and the Vikes gave up a first and a fourth for Sam Bradford. Not saying Dalton would fetch the same, but when starters go down a team in contention gets desperate. No harm in trying.

  5. Tobin said they respect Dalton and will do him right seems to be untrue. Best guess is they hold onto him until final cuts and if no one makes a trade for Andy, they cut him to avoid paying $17.5M to a backup QB.

  6. jackedupboonie says:
    March 26, 2020 at 10:53 am
    One of the few teams that consistently hover around the salary cap pay floor. Never going to win this way-

    They’re probably never going to win, but they’re also never near the floor. Right now they have around $19.3M in space. That puts them at 15th in the NFL. It’s a tired narrative that they don’t spend money. They just don’t spend wisely and they don’t spend it on other teams’ free agents.

  7. May as well keep him for 2020 at $17m while you bring up a draftee to be good enough to start. Maybe even get a midseason trade if another team gets injuries and want a vet backup.

  8. redmustang12 says:
    March 26, 2020 at 10:39 am
    $200,000 and no strings attached? Crazy not to keep him for now.
    Its 200k PLUS 17 million for the year. and keeping him does your incoming rookie no favors in votes of confidence and it only makes Dalton one year older which means less valuable. Its actually super dumb to keep him. Save the money, cut bait, bring in some super start FAs and you COULD have a great time this year.

  9. One of the few teams that consistently hover around the salary cap pay floor. Never going to win this way.

    If you would have posted this 8 days ago, I would have agreed. Since then they’ve spent over $115 mil on their defense alone. Just in case you missed that (Vonn Bell, DJ Reader, Bynes from Baltimore, 2 of the 3 starting CBs from Minnesota, and a backup/special teamer from Tennessee).

  10. The Bengals are over the cap by almost 25 million if the league started tomorrow.

    They have just signed 7 free agents totaling over 50 million for this year.

    They will have to cut/trade Dre Kirkpatrick, Cut/trade Andy Dalton and may have other cap casualties if they cant work AJ Green franchise tender into a back loaded 3 year deal.

    But the Bengals are cheap.

  11. Theyre keeping him because Miami will trade for burrow and the QBs aren’t ready to start.

  12. I’ll throw this out. If they don’t unload Dalton around the draft, I’ll bet they cut him and resign him much cheaper… 4-8 mill for a year. Then trade him if the opportunity arrises. Dalton isn’t a person that would be nasty or push ill will on them. He would help the kid with NFL life. Just my two cents that isn’t coming from a Steeler fan or some other teams trolls.

  13. No chance dalton takes less to stay and he shouldn’t. Why do that when if he’s released he can decide what’s the best option for him to attempt to win a starting spot which he won’t get in Cincy. The bengals won’t pay 17 million either bit by hanging into hkm for a while it makes teams with no qb like the Chargers and pats butts pucker. No way are these teams going into the season with those qb’s it’s laughable. The bengals know this and will get something For dalton. Even if it’s a pick next year. Tutor Taylor and Brian Hoyer, give me a break, nobody is buying that nonsense.

  14. Dalton will be a backup no matter where he goes. Why not stay home where you can start and help a young man transition to a professional career?

  15. If they release him after free agency has largely ended that will be pretty darn weak.

  16. I’d say you sign him to a lower contract and sit out the future quarterback for a year just like they did with Palmer! You get a few more pieces on that line with AJ coming back Dalton can perform under a good line with all his weapons healthy!

  17. They obviously didn’t get a trade offer they liked.
    I would keep him and plan for him to start with Burrow learning. If Burrow comes in and blows everyone away in preseason games then cut or trade him as soon as it looks like Burrow can take over.
    It would be a help to Burrow’s development to watch a veteran QB for a year, or at least several games as a rookie. If Dalton does do well (he always has when he gets protection) then they may get a 3rd-4th rd comp pick next year when another team signs him. The OL should be a lot better this year and AJ is coming back so I could see him back to probowl level, playing for that next contract.

  18. Trade the Burrow pick for 3x #1’s and keep Dalton…or pickup Newton or Winston. Lots of QB options at the moment, don’t need to waste draft pick on QB

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