Bruce Arians says he called two teams to recommend Jameis Winston

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Although Buccaneers coach Bruce Arians moved on from Jameis Winston and signed Tom Brady, Arians is trying to help Winston land on his feet.

Arians says he reached out to two other teams to tell them they ought to sign Winston.

“I’ve called a couple teams,” Arians told Rich Eisen. “You’re going to get one of the hardest workers you’ve ever had and a great young man. It didn’t work out for us only because Tom Brady was available and we had Teddy Bridgewater if that wouldn’t have worked out. We were going full steam ahead back with Jameis. He’s a great young man and no one is going to outwork him.”

Arians added, however, that he didn’t get the sense that either team was interested in bringing in Winston as a starter, suggesting that Winston might have to just satisfy himself with getting on a roster and working hard once he gets there. But Arians does believe Winston has more good football left in him.

45 responses to “Bruce Arians says he called two teams to recommend Jameis Winston

  1. Wouldn’t be shocked to see him end up in Pittsburgh.

    Ben is done and Bruce I’m sure still has connections there. Ditto for Indy.

  2. I’ve got some great news then, Bruce. The guy you “were going full steam ahead back with” needs to be a backup somewhere and you need a backup QB, so perfect match, eh?

  3. ESPN seem to take on plenty of exBucs and MNF desperately need to replace Booger.

  4. You reap what you sow. On and off the field, Winston has given all 32 NFL teams justification for passing on him. Truth be told, Arians was actually too easy on Winston; most any coach would have benched him after the CAR game in London. Winston got more chances, frankly, over five years, than deserved. Wishing him luck, but glad we have moved on in Tampa.

  5. Well, when one of the most important KPI in a game is turnovers one ideally would like to stay away from the one player whose most significant feature is to be a turnover machine.

    Then again: if you ask him to work in a system like New England’s – short, quick passes, not much of long-ball he may be good. Not great, not terrible. But then, was Bruce Arians unable to tailor his offence to the strengths of his QB?! If yes not the best coach. If no quite stubborn not a team first HC. Brady is screwed either way….

  6. Never seen a coach run so fast from his existing QB and then try to act like it was a hard decision.

    Bridgewater was last in the league in depth of target and the Bucs don’t have a Kamara to catch it out of the backfield but he was going to be the upgrade from Winston?

    Any team that takes advice from Arians on a QB he couldn’t wait to get rid of is a fool.

  7. the Saints and panthers. that way they could be the recipients of all his turnovers

  8. Jameis wants almost $30mm per year which is top starter money. He is in for a very rude awakening with a contract that will probably put him just under $10mm until he ever wins a starting spot again

  9. Why listen to his former coach?
    He would have kept him if he thought he’s good.

  10. Yep Jameis is all that but you cant hide the tape and some things dont change after you hit your ceiling.

  11. Wait a minute, coach you didn’t want him but calling teams to recommend taking him?? LOL Classic!!

  12. I don’t know what it is but Jameis Winston always looks like he’s throwing a medicine ball out there.

  13. Pretty crazy that the top two picks from 2015 are likely starting the season as back-ups. Teams drafting high this year take note.

  14. Bruce Arians says he called two teams to recommend Jameis Winston.
    Oddly enough, both were division rivals.

  15. We have Tom, Next Teddy, or Ryan, or a rookie in the draft. But if not, we would be full steam with Jameis.

  16. We had Tom Brady…. and Teddy… but Jameis… he was our third choice if those other two didn’t pan out.

  17. Yea right Bruce. Everyone wants to play for you in Tampa. This guys ego will be the downfall of the Bucs. The self proclaimed maven of football sure earned his title with these comments.

  18. I, for one, have not given up on Mason Rudolph.

    Before the disastrous game in CLEVE he had a decent TD/INT ration (11-4, I think) and think a mid 90s passer rating.

    I really think they plan to have him as No. 2 and if Ben can’t do it, or gets hurts again, he’ll be the guy they’ll go.

    If that scenario fails, they’ll draft a new QB in ’21.

  19. Even if you set aside his character issues, he was a turnover machine in college and that continued in the NFL.

    He and Mariota are examples of how being drafted in the first round grants you multiple extra chances to prove yourself in the NFL (usually). If Winston had been a 3rd rounder he wouldn’t have that first round “pedigree” and would likely disappear into backup oblivion.

    NFL teams never admit a mistake. It’s always the player’s fault, not that they system vastly overrated their abilities – OR that the team that drafted the player didn’t know how to get the best out of them.

  20. Winston is a lot better than people here think. Outside of last year, his interceptions were acceptable. The last time he did anything off the field was 4 years ago. Let it go.

    Jameis Winston will have a hard time finding a starting gig this year because of the way thinks shook out, but he’ll start again eventually and be one of the best.

    As to Arians…come on. He had the chance to sign the greatest player to ever play the game. Of course he moved on. And he can’t bring Winston in as backup, because there are members of the locker room who are still loyal to him…which could lead to internal issues.

  21. After costing Lovie and Dirk their jobs, Arians wasn’t about to be the 3rd victim on JW resume.. He likely called teams who have coaches he wants to see get fired..
    When it gets to a point that QBs from the XFL are getting moved in the NFL and you are still being passed over, not just for starter kids but also Backup roles, you’re likely DONE in the NFL…
    It is possible he may be signed as a camp arm but who wants to put up with that drama!

  22. Unfortunately both teams had to inform Arians that the whole XFL season was canceled so they will not be hiring anyone right now.

  23. He would be an upgrade over Derek Carr…the Raiders might be a good fit. The Bears should give him a sniff as well.

  24. 30 INT + 12 FUM + 47 SAC = Backup for days.

    It’s not about the system, he’s been doing this for years.

  25. So good we cut him, but he would be great for YOUR team! Not the strongest of recommendations.

  26. Does it make sense for a team like the Packers or a team with a good starter to sign him as a back-up?

  27. Teams on the other end did a quick search of his stats for 2019 and see 30 interceptions… “Nah, we’re good Bruce.”

  28. I bet those two teams he recommended Jameis Winston to just happened to be divisional rivals ….

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