Bryan Bulaga thankful for time with Packers, eager to re-join OL coach with Chargers

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After 10 seasons with the Green Bay Packers, tackle Bryan Bulaga will be putting on a new uniform in 2020 with the Los Angeles Chargers.

Bulaga signed a three-year deal worth $30 million with the Chargers last week after a decade spent at tackle for the Packers. In an interview with Sirius XM NFL Radio, Bulaga said he knew early on in the lead up to free agency that his future no longer resided in Green Bay.

“We knew pretty early that we would not be heading back to Green Bay,” Bulaga said. “That was made known pretty early, I think before the opening bell of the tampering process we kind of knew that. So we had an open mind and we were willing to kind of hear where the market was going and what teams were going to call and the Chargers were a team that was very interested from early on.

“There’s no hard feelings here about it. I truly appreciate everything the Packers organization has done for me in 10 years and I’ve had a great time up there. I’ve really enjoyed it. There’s no hard feelings. I understand this thing is a business and just two sides that decided to go different ways and that’s OK.”

Bulaga said that one of the most appealing factors to him about joining the Chargers as a chance to play for offensive line coach James Campen again. Campen was the line coach in Green Bay under Mike McCarthy for the first nine years of Bulaga’s tenure with the team. Campen left to join the Cleveland Browns staff last season before moving on to Los Angeles this offseason.

“Obviously for me a very familiar face is the offensive line coach in coach [James] Campen,” Bulaga said. “He was my offensive line coach in Green Bay for nine years. So going to a place that is unfamiliar to me but having a familiar face there was a big sell for me. We played them last year. They beat us pretty handedly in L.A. and got to experience the type of players that they had and kind of what they’re doing over there. It’s exciting and they’re moving into the new stadium and so it seemed like a good fit for myself and my family.”

Bulaga has appeared in 115 career games with 111 starts in 10 seasons.

13 responses to “Bryan Bulaga thankful for time with Packers, eager to re-join OL coach with Chargers

  1. You won’t find a more solid dude than Bryan Bulaga.

    Bryan capped a brilliant rookie season with being the youngest player at the time to ever start in a Super Bowl. Bryan become a World Champion that year and Bryan was a big reason the Packers got #13 on February 6th, 2011. Great 10 years for Bryan Bulaga and all of PackerNation.

    I don’t need to tell Bryan Bulaga that we all love him and wish him the best until he comes home to retire as a Packer. He already knows all that. Family!




  2. Bryan *became a World Champion that year

    My typos always ruin it when I am close to a good post.😌

  3. Free, I couldn’t have said it any better myself.
    In the end, the risk/reward factor was too much to continue the relationship in GB.
    Titletown wishes him nothing but the best.
    Great player, capping off a great career, his leadership in the locker room will surely be missed.
    The Chargers are definitely gaining a significant asset.

  4. @waffle

    The good thing is Gute kind of replaced Bryan with a very solid dude in his own right. Ricky Wagner is a bit quiet much like Bryan, but totally solid character and pure class. Also, from and played at Wisconsin so that never hurts. I know he had a less than stellar season last year, but I expect a solid camp and season from Ricky this year. He is a beast RT. Not a guarantee he wins the RT job, but it is likely in my opinion.

  5. This is another one that makes me sad. I get the whole “it’s a business” thing but I’m a good bit older than free agency. When I was a youngster, players almost always played for one team their entire career

    Somebody else said a while back, no one will EVER be able to replace Bulaga’s intro: “Bryan Bulaga. Aahwuh.”

  6. March 26, 2020 at 1:32 pm
    Ted Thompson is sleeping at the wheel once again

    How so? Please explain.

  7. Funny, how there is less total dislikes on every comment combined than Ariani’s. That is saying something.

  8. everybody is slapping each others back which is better than slapping your own back and trashing the player that left. baby steps

  9. Thank you Brian, you are a solid warrior-type Right Tackle who would make any team better.

    I hope your health holds up for the length of your new contract. That’s the only worry, good luck.

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