Byron Jones: Dallas’ lack of interest had to do with CBs on roster, not money

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It became obvious long ago that the Cowboys wouldn’t be able to keep Byron Jones. With Amari Cooper and Dak Prescott also having their contracts expire after the 2019 season, Dallas had to set its priorities.

The priority wasn’t Jones.

The Cowboys instead used the franchise tag on their star quarterback and signed their star receiver to a five-year, $100 million deal.

Jones left for Miami, signing a five-year, $82.5 million contract.

But in a conference call with Dolphins writers Thursday, the cornerback said he thinks the Cowboys’ lack of interest in re-signing him had more to do with the other players the team has at the position than the money they don’t have.

“I don’t think so,” Jones said when asked if Cooper and Prescott’s returns was the reason he didn’t. “One thing that the Dallas Cowboys do a really good job at is drafting good, young players, and they have a whole bunch of good corners on that team – no question about that – and those guys will be just fine without me. But they believe strongly in the way they draft, and they’ve shown over the years they draft some freaking ballers no matter [if it is the] first round, seventh round, guys in between. They draft and develop really good players, so I don’t think the Dak and Amari’s situation had any effect on me. I think it’s their confidence in the people that they have on the roster now and who they’re going to get in the draft hopefully.”

Chidobe Awuzie, Anthony Brown and Jourdan Lewis are the team’s top three corners, with Dallas also expected to address the position in the draft.

18 responses to “Byron Jones: Dallas’ lack of interest had to do with CBs on roster, not money

  1. They have $19M in cap space after all the recent signings, so yeah. It might not have been all about the money.

  2. Probably the smartest thing Jerrah has done in years. Byron Jones doesn’t get that BB has a replacement for an in-house pricey fa, already on the roster 1-2 years ahead of time to keep cap leverage.

  3. I like Jourdan Lewis a lot but he hasn’t received significant playing time and it remains to be seen if he can be a full time starter. Brown is okay as your nickel corner but nothing special. The real key is Chidobe Awuzie who flashed star potential two years ago but dissapeared last year. He frequently gets lost in coverage but he’s rarely beat outright and has the size and hands to be elite. With better coaching he might have the opportunity to make Dallas fans forget about Byron Jones.

  4. Well, it would’ve helped if he made more interceptions that changed games. While Bryon is a good cornerback, but he was no Deion Sanders.

  5. Class act. Times like this a player shows their true colors. I wish him well in Miami.

  6. Whatever the reason, Byron Jones is a top CB and we are lucky to have him to pair with X. All we need is some pressure on the QB and Byron will get those picks.

  7. Well said, Byron. I wish you luck in Miami, and thank you for your solid play while in Dallas.

  8. bro you didnt score points with Cam ME Newton on that answer. He is right, wont be hard to replace 2 ints in 5 years.
    Class act for sure, but he is telling you the truth.

  9. They met with his reps and knew after that meeting they could not re sign him. If you do not think his reps told the Cowboys he wanted close to the money he got your crazy. After the meeting the Cowboys announced they would not re sign him. It was 100% about money

  10. Love a team that spends 30m year on cornerbacks. It’s cool. They still can’t cover the bills 3 tops guys… maybe Isaiah McKenzie…. maybe

  11. Whatever the reason, Byron Jones is a top CB and we are lucky to have him to pair with X. All we need is some pressure on the QB and Byron will get those picks.

    Hope your not expecting a ton from Lawson. He’s average most times.

  12. None of those players are on Jones’ level, and Jones only really had a fraction of the time he should have to show his own potential. When he was a rookie, Jones played very well at corner-until coaches decided to move him to safety, for some reason, where he was not up to par. In his defense, it’s hard to blame-he only played, what, four games at his natural position his rookie season? Finally the team moved him back with no time left on his deal to try and let him prove that he could play, and what do you know…Jones played better!

    The Cowboys did this one to themselves. They should have let Jones stay at corner his whole rookie contract so that they could have seen if he could be a consistent three or four year starter. No matter how well a guy plays for a year, it’s still just one year and teams are less willing to pay for a one year wonder-if he had his outlier year with them. Other teams are more willing. I think that Jones was held back by the Cowboys playing him out of position, however, and that makes it more likely that he can continue playing at a high level. It would have been better, though, for both he and the Cowboys if they had let him stay at corner instead of forcing in at safety. He could have grown more in that system, and likely scored a better contract earlier so that the Cowboys didn’t have to pick between him and some other big contracts.

    They also wouldn’t have had to juggle different corners if they had a secure starter on one side. It’s also easier to sign someone who’s been a meaningful part of your team for longer than it is the guy who you played out of position until it was his contract year.

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