OBJ trade to 49ers won’t be happening this year

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Last year, Jay Glazer called the shot of the offseason, predicting an Odell Beckham Jr. trade weeks before it happened. This year, Glazer says that one of the teams most closely linked to OBJ in 2019 won’t be pursuing him in 2020.

Glazer was asked in his latest mailbag for TheAthletic.com whether there’s any truth to the rumors that Beckham will be traded to the 49ers.

Nope,” Glazer said in response. “No truth to that. Sorry, gang. I know the 49ers loved him but they are trying to rebuild draft capital, not give up draft capital.”

During the 2019 season, the 49ers gave up a third-round pick and a fourth-round pick last year to get receiver Emmanuel Sanders, who recently signed with the Saints as a free agent. Before Beckham was traded to the Browns last March, there were persistent rumors that the 49ers would be making a play for OBJ.

The Browns have been saying all the right things about wanting to keep Beckham. It’s unclear whether Beckham feels the same way. He seems to be very interested in playing for the Patriots or with Tom Brady. The former remains theoretically viable, especially if Beckham starts banging the drum about getting a new deal. As to the latter, the Bucs seem to have a fairly full house at receiver.

Regardless, Glazer says Beckham won’t be a 49er. And if Glazer says it, it can be taken to the bank.

10 responses to “OBJ trade to 49ers won’t be happening this year

  1. Please don’t ever do it! OBJ is not remotely close to being the game changer that he thinks he is.
    We don’t want any of these divas. The niners have no ego. We win because we’re a team and not individuals.

  2. OBJ is a top10 WR when healthy, but he’s also a huge distraction. I wouldn’t give up draft picks either for him.

  3. I didn’t realize they gave up so much for Sanders! What’s the gm thinking giving a 3&4 for less than a year’s rental on a slightly above average receiver?

  4. Don’t bother, he’s more trouble than he’s worth and hasn’t really shown anything the past few years.

  5. Juice just isn’t worth the squeeze with this guy. He does not make a team better.

    Him and JClowny living off highlight reels

  6. He had a good year with going over 1000yds and 4 TD’s. Not the pro bowl numbers he had his first 3 years. Brown’s fans so want OBJ to fully get healthy so we can watch his next two years play out in Pro Bowl manner. If this scenario can play out, it would rejuvenate his career and justify his contact. Then all rumors of trades goes away. Addition of Keenum, Conklin, and Hooper…pretty sure OBJ wants to stick around. Go Browns

  7. That’s unfortunate. Jimmy G could really use someone acrobatic to catch all those under-thrown and behind-the-receivers-back passes.

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