Report: Cowboys and Dak Prescott discussing contract again

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The Cowboys and Dak Prescott are talking again. Whether they’re speaking the same language remains to be seen.

According to Ed Werder of, the Cowboys have resumed contract negotiations with their franchise-tagged quarterback.

Because they used the exclusive franchise tag on Prescott, he can’t talk to other teams. They have until July 15 to work out a long-term deal, or he’d play this season under the tag.

One possible hang-up at the moment is the length of a potential new deal. Werder reports that the Cowboys have previously preferred a five-year deal, while Prescott and his agent would rather have a four-year deal.

For the 26-year-old Prescott, a shorter deal would give him another chance to do another long-term contract while ostensibly in his prime, after a new round of broadcast deals could change the economic landscape.

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  1. The top 5 players on the team make up 47% of their cap space. Next year it’s projected over 50% assuming Dak is on the team.

    It’s hard to imagine that this team is any better than the one that went 8-8 last year. The Eagles were down to their practice squad receivers and 3rd string corners last year and the Eagles still won the division over a mostly healthy Cowboys.

    The Cowboys better hope that Garrett was the reason and not overrating the talent on the roster because on paper this Cowboys team is worse than last year’s team.

  2. Here we go again….Jerry, if you are wondering if Dak is your quarterback, go back and watch the games Dak played against teams that were above 500. Especially watch the last Eagle game where Dak couldn’t even score against practice squad players.

  3. $33M a year isn’t enough for a guy that throws the ball into the ground in clutch situations?

  4. I can’t understand why Jerruh is so in love with Dak. He is absolutely exposed against good teams and even with a good group of WRs and a premier RB and the best OL in the NFL he still can’t move the ball. That should tell you it’s time to start looking elsewhere. It’s not the time to give him a four-year $140M contract. He’s not even remotely worth the franchise tag salary. If they break the bank for him it will be the worst decision they’ve ever made. Adding his salary to the group and that will push the cap number for their nine highest-paid players to 62.5% of the entire salary cap. That’s just flat out dumb.

  5. This show is all too familiar. Jerry hems and haws, plays “hardball” with the player, and then he folds like a cheap tent. I don’t know why they waste their time. You’re going to pay him Jerry, so just do it.

  6. @March 26, 2020 at 8:46 am
    “I can’t understand why Jerruh is so in love with Dak.”

    It is Jones’ huberis that is leading him down this path. Dak represents, in Jerry Jones’ mind, the fact that he is the best GM in the NFL. He will pay Dak to prove a point that he was the only GM who plucked a top tier quarterback out of the fourth round. It is nothing short of that, logic dictates that he is a second teir QB and deserves a contract in the mid 20 million range ($25-$27 million) and I believe that is where is market would have been set had the Cowboys designated him a non-exclusive franchise player or a transitional player. That would have been a surprising move but would have allowed Dak to set his value on the open market, which everyone knows would not have exceeded the $35 million per year mark that they are zeroing in on. But Jones is a narcissist and is compelled by his ego and that ego dictates that his draft strategy and genius won the day when he took Dak in the 4th round.

  7. I don’t know of any team that has won a Superbowl while having both the highest paid RB and QB on the roster at the same time. The word is that they are close on the per year amount of $35 million but are negotiating over the length (Cowboys want 4 yrs/Dak wants 4 yrs). That position typically results in a sweetening of the per year amount, say a million bump per season, with the result being the longer contract. So I would expect them to settle at $36 million per season for 5 year or $180 million for the full contract. The other QBs that are over $30 million are: Wilson ($35M/yr), Roethlisberger ($34M/yr), Rodgers ($33.5M/yr), Goff ($33.5M/yr), Cousins ($33M/yr), Wentz ($32M/yr) and Ryan ($30M/yr). Of those 7 QBs it is a mix bag of whether I would trade Prescott for them or not. The ones I would pick Prescott over are Roethlisberger/Goff/Ryan and the ones I would pick over Prescott are Wilson/Rodgers/Wentz, with Cousiins being about a tie. If you look at those splits (some opinions will differ) you see that the Steelers, Rams and Falcons did not make the playoffs, while the Seahawks, Packers, Eagles and Vikings all did – I think QB contract values are closely tied to team playoff success.

    One additional note, the other playoff QBs from last year are Mahomes, Jackson, Watson, Brees, Brady, Garoppolo, Tannehill and Allen. Of those clearly Mahomes, Jackson and Watson are all superior and young QBs and would be preferred over Prescott. Brees and Brady are aging but right now I would prefer either of them to lead my team into the playoffs versus Prescott. I would put Tannehill in the same bucket as Cousins and rank Prescott over Allen. There are also a handful of non-playoff QBs that would probably fall in the Cousins/Tannehill bucket, so overall Prescott’s ranking in my opinion is in the mid teir QB catagory, somewhere in the upper portion of the middle 10 QBs and the Cowboys are about to make him the highest paid QB in the NFL.

  8. why would anybody pay this sunshine quarterback anything like starter money?

    he doesn’t beat anybody important, runs up stats between the twenties and then panics, gives the ball to Elliot 2 and 3 times in the red zone;

    the only difference between he and Winston, Goff, Dalton and the kid Chicago just benched IS Elliot;

    $35M a year?

    until he starts outplaying other QBs and beat over .500 teams, i wouldn’t give him 33M CENTS;

  9. As the saying goes, you listen to the fans With respect to personnel decisions and you will be sitting with them in the stands. No chance that Jerry will fire the GM regardless of the old adage but Dak will be signed sooner than later.

  10. Antonio Brown Where Are You? says:
    March 26, 2020 at 9:40 am
    Pay the man.
    35MM/year for 4 years, fully guaranteed.

    You’re misconstruing salary for talent

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