Three former No. 1 overall picks are available

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As free agency moves from phase two to phase three, a trio of former No. 1 overall picks are available to be signed by anyone who wants them.

Quarterback Cam Newton (2011), edge rusher Jadeveon Clowney (2014), and quarterback Jameis Winston (2015) were each the first pick in their respective draft, and they are all free agents.

None are currently getting much interest. Newton and Clowney have physical issues that require a closer look after the COVID-19 pandemic subsides sufficiently to allow it. Winston’s 5,109 passing yards has been offset by his 30 interceptions, keeping him not only unemployed but, for now, the subject of no interest.

On Thursday’s PFT Live, Simms and I looked at the favorite, a darkhorse, and a pie in the sky option to sign each of them. Chime in with your own thoughts as to where Newton, Clowney, and Winston may eventually land.

21 responses to “Three former No. 1 overall picks are available

  1. I truly don’t understand why everyone loved Favre so much and he threw a ton of interceptions back before the league became such a passing league and Winston can’t get a job. I never liked Favre, but if everyone thought he was so great, why don’t they like Winston? And as someone who has had bad eyesight his whole life, I wouldn’t discount the difference Lasik may have on Winston’s passing. I would definitely give him a shot.

  2. I think if Winston get’s no offers, then he’ll go back to TB to back up Brady on a cheap deal. Could be a unique situation where Brady isn’t going to play forever, maybe Winston learns behind the GOAT for a year or two then comes back for a late career resurgence – How cool would that timeline be.

  3. picture is hilarious, probably what winston will look like by the time the season starts

  4. Quarterback Cam Newton (2011), edge rusher Jadeveon Clowney (2014), and quarterback Jameis Winston (2015)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You can have them all … at their age and at that $$$$ amount….

    Good prospects available in the draft that are much cheaper …. and they’re at the beginning of their pro careers.

  5. Look at the results of QBs that won the Heisman and were picked 1st over all in the draft… Not a ringing endorsement..

    Cam I could see the Chargers giving him a shot..
    Clowney maybe back with Seahawks..
    I think Winston is done.. to eratic, to reckless and to much of a risk on and off!

  6. Atlanta seems the obvious choice as they sign or trade for any 1st round draft pick.

  7. Cam Newton should be picked up by the Bills. They’re not sold on Josh Allen, Cam fits their offense, and Nlhe would do best in a small city far from his Atlanta roots where his sole focus would be football.

  8. Newton to the Chargers
    Clowney to the Titans
    Winston to Atlanta

    None get what they’re looking for financially and settle for 1-2 year deals.

  9. Clowney thinks he is a lot better than he is, and that leads to a disgruntled plaer when he doesn’t get paid.

    Jameis is an excellent backup.

    Cam I would give a low base with big performance based incentives.

  10. Who will be regarded as a better #1 overall pick? Cam Newton or Andrew Luck? Believe Eric Fisher has highest # of starts among all former #1 overalls of last 10 years. He is also the only SB winner of all former #1 overall first round picks taken in the last 10 years.

  11. Well let’s see why.
    Winston is a replacement level starter/quality backup and wants $30+M/yr
    Clowney is a good-but-not-great player who is frequently injured and wants $80+M guaranteed
    Cam Newton is a camp arm at this point and wants to be paid like a starter

    If they lowered their asking price and humbled themselves I think they would have signed a while ago

  12. I remember way back, many years ago, I heard a football scout use the term “character”. He said it over and over again, and I didn’t understand what he was talking about. I was around 11 or 12 years old. I finally figured it out. It’s not something you can measure with an instrument, so its hard to define. Look at all 3 of these former #1 picks. Using all the measuring instruments, they became #1 picks. If only there was an instrument to measure character, but there isn’t. People get confused. You can be a choir boy, and still lack the character necessary to be a winner on the football field. It’s different than the definition for a model citizen. You can be a schmuck, and still have winning character. If it were easy to define, everyone would know what it looks like.

  13. This late in the game, few teams have lots of cap space left to give out lucrative long term deals.

  14. I think Clowney is going to end up in the NFC NOrth. He’s got Packer written all over him. And if not, he’d fit with either the bears or vikes on short term gigs.

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