Bears opt not to extend season-ticket payment deadline

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At a time when plenty of NFL teams have delayed payment for 2020 season tickets, the Chicago Bears have decided not to.

According to Steve Greenberg of the Chicago Sun-Times, the March 20 deadline did not change.

72-year-old Frank Bomher sounded off to Greenberg about the failure to show flexibility at a time of financial misfortune.

“Our beloved Chicago Bears demanded I get them my $20,000 for my 41st year as a season-ticket holder or they would take the tickets away,” Bomher told Greenberg via email. “What have I been thinking? I’ve been a staunch supporter of the McCaskey family over all these years (well, not when Mike was in charge), but this really galled me. . . . I felt like I was being robbed as I made that payment.”

But Bomher did indeed make the payment.

“I wrote my check,” Bomher told Greenberg. “And if they have a good season, I guess I’ll forgive and forget.”

Teams like the Bears are harvesting season-ticket payment at a time when there are no guarantees that there will even be a season with fans in attendance. And if there isn’t, it will be interesting to see whether the payments are refunded, or whether they are simply applied to 2021 or 2020 or whenever the next football season with fans in attendance actually happens.

19 responses to “Bears opt not to extend season-ticket payment deadline

  1. Might be bad optics but the reality is many are going to cancel regardless. The virus might pass through in the next month but it will be at least a year before the economy follows.

  2. I have been a Saints Season Ticket Holder for 19 years. The 1st 1/2 of the payments were due on 3/20 but I was able to call and get an extension until April 5th. Ticket office agent literally told me “We are granting Temporary extensions when asked for BUT we are NOT Publicizing that information”.

  3. Sad billionaire owners can’t help out more. I’m sorry but when a player that has taken discount contracts over the years but can still donate 5 million dollars which is not chump change these owners need to follow suit and help which ever way they can. Shows the greed these owners have when the players not just NFL are coming through and covering costs for stadium works but billionaires can’t.

  4. If fans can afford to write a $20,000.00 check I do not think the COVID-19 is hurting them too much.

  5. I’m really starting to question my devotion to this team, I guess those mansions don’t pay for themselves

  6. It’s people like him that are the reason why teams do what they do, because when given a greedy ultimatum he still for God knows what reason why wrote that 20k check for something that only provides entertainment. Is not like he still couldn’t buy individual tickets per game or watch games on TV. Seriously, the team showed exactly what they think about the fans and he still basically said “I’m okay with this.”

    Some people treat Sports teams like a religion and it makes no sense.

  7. I could care less what any team does that’s the American way folks get over it…Greed wins out every single time. If you don’t like it then don’t pay for the tickets its that simple. If you lost your job and were suddenly worried about the cost should the team give you an extension to pay for the tickets? NO THEY SHOULDN’T…The same applies here shut up and pay the fee or give up your tickets

  8. That’s alright. Just think of all the money Bears fans have saved from the team hardly making the playoffs over the last 35 years.

  9. NFL owners for you. You would think after taking Mitch they would be doing everything in the owners powers to make up for that.

  10. $20,000, where in God’s name are your seats? Sidelines?
    In Green Bay, they pushed the deadline back until June 1, as one poster previously said.

    They also conveyed to fans that for any games not played due to the crisis, season ticket holders would be given a choice between a full refund or credit towards next season.
    This may finally be one way to get my money back on a preseason game.

  11. So 20-grand a year to see a crappy foosball team for 8 home games per season? Jeez what a waste of money -think about it. In 5 seasons thats 100-grand. Buy assets, not liabilities, people.

  12. Let’s assume he has four tickets. Those are $500 seats he’s buying, which I assume are pretty good. If you’re spending $20,000 a year on Bears tickets, you’re probably doing all right. Did he lose his job? If so, I’d be saving my money. If not, what does he need an extension for?

  13. $20,000? Don’t know how many tickets he has, but that’s…excessive. No wonder the NFL is delusional enough to think that $400 tickets and $110 jerseys are affordable. Their only customers have been insanely rich.

  14. I say they let this 72 year old dude run the Bears. He’s certainly smarter than Pace and at least 50 years younger than Virginia. I love how he takes a shot at Mike McCasky in his comments.

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