Deshaun Watson feeding nurses on the front lines

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Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson fed nurses on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic at a Houston hospital Friday, Aaron Wilson of the Houston Chronicle reports.

Watson catered lunch and dinner at Ben Taub Hospital, an acute care facility and Level I trauma center near NRG Stadium.

Watson had 200 lunches delivered by Sticky’s Chicken with another 200 dinners planned for Friday night for the night shift.

Watson also provided meals in his hometown of Gainesville, Georgia, earlier this week.

He has donated hundreds of meals to local hospitality workers who lost their jobs or had their income affected due to the coronavirus.

16 responses to “Deshaun Watson feeding nurses on the front lines

  1. He’s done lots of this since joining the NFL going back to donating his very first game check.

  2. Bless you sir. It’s time for the billionaire NFL team owners to step it up.

  3. These rich guys should be doing this. They won’t be playing football for a long time.

  4. Watson is such a good person. Man, neither he nor any of the Texans players deserve to have an incompetent fool like Bill O’Brien as their HC. The longer he’s kept the more time in Watson’s prime will be wasted.

  5. DeShaun Watson gave his first check to staff members impacted Hurricane Harvey. Now this. The dude is a class act! Houston is lucky to have such a player.

  6. More stories like this and the Drew Brees massive donation, and less about whether Dak Prescott is going to miss any meals if he doesn’t get $35m+ a year from Jerrah.

  7. Good job Mr. Watson!

    PS…..any place called Sticky’s Chicken is probably pretty f’n good

  8. Well done Deshaun! Gutty competitor on the field and class act off the field.

  9. When Deshaun Watson was 11, Habitat for Humanity and Warrick Dunn’s foundation built a house and furnished it for Deshaun, his mother and her three other kids. That inspired him to help others from his first paycheck.

    He’s given houses, he took that first game check and split it among three Texans cafeteria workers who lost everything they had to Hurricane Harvey, and he’s right there when people in his community need help. What a fine young man.

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