Aaron Rodgers nearly was stuck in Peru

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Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers nearly ended up stuck in Peru earlier this month, due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Rodgers told Pat McAfee and A.J. Hawk on Friday that he and three traveling companions exited the South American country on March 18, just before the airport closed.

“That was quite the ordeal,” Rodgers said, via Reuters. “Have you seen the movie Argo? . . . The scene at the end where they’re racing to the airport. Nobody was chasing us, thankfully, or holding us. We didn’t have to speak Farsi to get back into the country, but there was some moments where we worried we were not going to get out.”

Rodgers explained that having a private plane made it easier to get out of the country.

22 responses to “Aaron Rodgers nearly was stuck in Peru

  1. What was he doing in Peru two weeks ago? This crisis has been ongoing for months now and he felt like jetting around the world for fun instead of locking down?

  2. Too busy to attend NFL PA meetings on March 9? and nothing more to do as player rep before March 14 vote on new CBA? #leadership

  3. KInda stupid to be jetsetting during a pandemic. Rules are different for famous athletes

  4. “Rodgers explained that having a private plane made it easier….”

    Yeah. I’m sure.

  5. I’m shocked that Rodgers is jetting around the world and is now staying in Malibu, CA.
    Packer fans keep telling us that Green Bay is the best place to be.

  6. Rodgers and his travel partners should’ve known better than to take a significant trip with a fast-moving international virus already raising havoc for three months prior.

  7. The elite live in a different world, I wonder what would have happened if his private plane would not have been available….probably would have bumped someone on of first class…..

  8. Aaron got used to handling excess pressure for years and got rock-hard balls – well, til 2015.

  9. He’s just like us!

    Well except for the whole international travel and private plane thing.

  10. I’m sure he offered any empty seats on his jet to those also needing to get back to the states from Peru. He’s that kind of guy!

  11. Rodgers’ record against fake news and clickbait attacks versus real personal and professional indiscretions is still 28-1.

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