Former Broncos receiver Orlando McDaniel dies from COVID-19

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Orlando McDaniel, who played three games for the Broncos in 1982, has become the first known NFL-related death from COVID-19. McDaniel was 59.

According to The Advocate, McDaniel recently traveled to Washington, D.C., and fell ill upon his return home to Dallas-Fort Worth. He died Friday night.

McDaniel competed in track and football at LSU. He was the national runner-up in the 110-meter hurdles in 1980.

In his four-year career as a receiver at LSU, McDaniel caught 64 passes for 1,184 yards and three touchdowns.

The Broncos made him a second-round choice in 1982. McDaniel did not catch a pass in a regular-season game.

McDaniel served as the executive director and founder of the North Texas Cheetahs girls track club.

16 responses to “Former Broncos receiver Orlando McDaniel dies from COVID-19

  1. Whats so sad is that we no longer look at serious issues as things to be solved.. we decide it is something that either supports or denies some tribal need to be on a “side”

  2. Please share more details. What he completely healthy and 19 killed him? Was he also sick in other ways?

  3. mediasloppy says:
    March 28, 2020 at 8:12 pm
    But COVID-19 is a liberal hoax…. Condolence to Orlando McDaniel’s family.

    I guess I know SOMEONE who gets their “facts” from CNN…

    Might want to listen to the ACTUAL quote lefty…

  4. mediasloppy says:
    March 28, 2020 at 8:12 pm
    But COVID-19 is a liberal hoax…. Condolence to Orlando McDaniel’s family.

    51 75 Rate This


    How Trump could possibly win re-election is beyond me. Then again, I had no idea how he could win in 2016.

  5. “Might want to listen to the ACTUAL quote lefty…”

    Which was “And now the Democrats have a new hoax, the coronavirus”

  6. COVID19 is in all 50 states. You can catch it anywhere in the US right now. People can be sick for up to 14 days before they even know it (usually more like 3-7). You don’t need to touch something & touch your face either. It can stay in the air in indoor places for up to 3 hours (it’s aerosolized by coughs/sneezes, and even just someone who’s sick breathing puts particles into the air). If your area isn’t hit hard yet and think it won’t be, you’re in denial or don’t understand what’s happening still.

    First signs of COVID19 spread in NY were at the beginning of March (hospital spike when flu rates were decreasing). It took over 2 weeks for it to start taking off from there. Just over the last week it really took off. A little over a week ago NY had about 7100 cases. 2 days ago they were at 31,000. Now today they are over 51,000.
    It obviously won’t spread everywhere as fast as NYC, the most densely populated area in the US. But this things spreads FAST, much faster than the flu, and there’s about a 2 week delay in the spread.

    So if your area has cases and there are not very strict stay at home guidelines in place, you can guarantee those case numbers are going to rise exponentially over the next 2 weeks.

    Everyone HAS TO take this thing serious right now, otherwise it’ll be too late and 100’s of hospitals will be overrun (some states are already being overrun now).

    This is NOT the flu. Even some of the more mild cases are brutal, and it’s hitting everyone different. It’s not just the elderly or people with medical issues, There are many stories of otherwise healthy people being hospitalized and even put in the ICU. An acquaintance of mine’s otherwise healthy 45 year old neighbor is in the hospital in critical condition with COVID19. Another person I talk to, their young niece is in the hospital with this now. A couple others have lost more/less healthy family members in their 40’s and 50’s. Many more stories like this all over social media. Young healthy doctors being intubated or even dying.

    Right now in NY, 40% of hospitalizations have been people age 20-44.

    For the last 3 days in a row The US set records for daily COVID19 cases (at over 14,000 new cases a day). We now have the most COVID19 cases out of any country in the world, and our infection rates are climbing faster than even the peak rates in Wuhan, China.

    Please do your part for our healthcare workers and everyone else on the front lines and just stay home whenever possible. It’s a small sacrifice compared to the sacrifice of our healthcare workers who are describing war-zone like scenes at the hospitals hit hard by this. Hospitals are putting contingency plans in place on how to choose who to let die if they run out of equipment (a very real risk right now if numbers keep climbing as fast as they are).

  7. > So he traveled to a COVID-19 hot spot. Got it.

    He traveled to Washington DC probably last week or the week before. That was before they saw a spike. I recongnize the urge to blame victims of this virus for their own deaths in order to feel like we are somehow smarter and would have avoided i. However, that is often not the case. It’s just bad luck.

  8. This is why we lose. Not everything needs to be handled with political affiliation in mind.
    This virus has exposed how underprepared we are and that doesn’t matter who is in charge, Democrats or Republicans. Both would rather see the country fall than concede any point to the other side. Outrageous. People are dying. Time to show some respect AND some backbone

  9. covid-19 virus doen’t care about skin color, religion, what country you are from, or who you voted for. Listen to people that know what they are talking about like Dr Fauci as far covid-19 is concerned. vote for whoever you think will leave this country in the best shape for your grandchildren. But let’s take care of each other now.

  10. Horrible. This virus is ridiculous. I understand that traveling can be a great experience, but bringing back these types of diseases and passing it on to innocent people is borderline criminal.

  11. I have used Trumps own quotes as backup to attacks against me here and they get deleted… It might be that the response is way too long of him stepping on his own words. Bottom line is this. He delayed this whole country for at least a month downplaying this virus and let it spread to all 50 states and what will end up being thousands of deaths. So I’ll put this in short form. When the POTUS said only 15 people had it and it will soon be none and less than three weeks later comment how he knew all along this would be a pandemic there is a huge disconnect of reality.

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