James Bradberry didn’t expect an offer from the Giants

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It wasn’t long after the negotiating window for free agents opened on March 16 that news broke of cornerback James Bradberry agreement on a deal with the Giants.

Seeing Bradberry go off the board quickly wasn’t a great surprise as he was one of the top corners on the open market, but there was some surprise for Bradberry about the team making the offer. While he was drafted in Carolina by Dave Gettleman, who is now the Giants’ General Manager, Bradberry said the interest “came out of nowhere.”

Once the Giants made their level of interest — three years and $45 million — known, Bradberry didn’t have to give the prospect of signing up with the Giants much thought.

“I didn’t even expect them to come make an offer,” Bradberry said, via the New York Post. “He already knew the type of guy I was and I knew the type of guy he was and the type of program and organization he was trying to bring and instill over there in New York. I knew it was nothing but positives.”

Bradberry is turning 27 in August, but is the elder statesman of a young cornerback group with the Giants. That group and the pass defense as a whole wasn’t good enough last season, which is why the Giants made such a strong, if unexpected, push to bring Bradberry to town.

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  1. The Giants MASSIVELY over paid for James Bradberry as he isn’t even all that good nor was he good last year getting beat far to often. Bradberry’s massive contract has the stink of the Janoris Jenkins debacle all over again. If Gettlemen could actually draft corners the Giants wouldn’t be in this position in the first place depending on other teams cast off’s to improve their pass defense, Gettlemen has literally years now to improve NY’s pass defense and hasn’t made any progress in that department at all, heck he hasn’t made any progress improving the defense as a whole either as the NYG’s defense still has all the same problems it had the day he was hired.

  2. Im a Giants fan and I really had no idea who this guy was (unlike 10 years ago when I still played fantasy and basically knew the entire rosters of every team in the league). Bottom line though, if he is even an average CB 1 then he’s a huge upgrade over what we had after we cut Janoris.

  3. Last season, Bradberry matched up with every team’s No. 1 wide receiver. He did especially well against Michael Thomas (zero catches, two targets), D.K. Metcalf (one catch, three targets, 17 yards), Julio Jones (two catches, four targets, 30 yards), DeAndre Hopkins (three catches, six targets, 27 yards) and Mike Evans (three catches, six targets, 61 yards). He only allowed one touchdown total in matchups with those receivers, which included two games each against Thomas, Evans and Jones.

  4. Bradberry was a 2nd round pick and has been a solid starter since. He played twice a year against 3 of the best receivers in football – Julio Jones, Michael Thomas, and Mike Evans – and followed them on every snap. If you haven’t heard of him maybe you don’t know very much.

  5. Bradberry is a perfect zone corner. He should not be surprised that the Giants made him an offer-they play the closest defense to what he was drafted into in Carolina. Gettleman being the common denominator is actually even less of a tie than the style of defense that they play.

    Bradberry is NOT a man-to-man player. If you think he stinks, it’s probably because you’re envisioning him that way. What he is is a good tackler who prefers to keep plays in front of him, and is disciplined in his coverage. Bradberry will never be a superstar and probably not exceed his career high from last year in interceptions, but there are more important aspects to playing DB than interceptions. He’s reliable, and is a perfect fit for NYG’s defense. I think it was a good signing.

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