John Lynch on unusual draft: “No excuses, no explanations”

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Some teams will embrace the unusual circumstances of the 2020 draft as a way to make excuses if/when their picks become busts. 49ers G.M. John Lynch will not be using the coronavirus as CYA.

“This draft is absolutely huge for us, so there’s no excuses, no explanations,” Lynch said in a recent video he posted to Twitter, via Cam Inman of the Bay Area News Group. “We’ve got to get our work done, albeit from home. We’ve been killing the Zoom meetings. I should have bought stock in Zoom.”

(Others have been buying, to the point that the SEC recently stopped the trading of Zoom Technologies stock, due to confusion with Zoom Video Communications, which is the right stock to be buying.)

Lynch also spent time encouraging those who may be feeling discouraged by current circumstances to hang in there, and to periodically call loved ones who may be feeling lonely.

“Be strong, stay at home, stay safe, and a saying that we have in the Niners building is: ‘I’ve got your back.’ At this time, never has that been more important, to have everybody else’s back,” Lynch said.

Amen to that. Do what you have to do to take care of your own physical and mental health, but also think about what you can do to help someone else’s. A text message or a phone call can go a long way toward helping a friend or a family member or a neighbor who feels trapped in their own house (or trapped in an essential job that requires them to leave the house) and terrified about how this slow-moving nightmare with no apparent resolution in sight will end.

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  1. It’s almost like every team except the 49’ers get to workout players face to face….

    You’re on the same playing field as everyone one else John, every team has the same hurdles as you. Deal with it!

  2. Lynch is right. And there is absolutely no reason on earth for the draft to be compromised by doing it using electronics with no audience.
    Every team has many hours of film on all these players and they have already talked with people who have coached these kids, so they know who they are going to put high on their draft boards already.
    Line up and do the draft. It’s no different than any other year — just one big crap shoot.

  3. Draft will be postponed… 100% guaranteed, no matter what dictator Goodell says. Deal with it

  4. The teams have already had months and years to scout players. Good GMs have been watching players for 2-3 years already even when these players were not yet eligible to be drafted. The good GMs will do well and select well because they already know 90% of what they need to know. The bad GMs will not select well and will use the excuse that they did not have the last 2 months to scout – like the draft process just started in December.

  5. With their 3rd round pick the Chicago Bears select Haywood Jablomee, edge rusher,from the Devry Institute.with

    Mel Kiper, Haywood Jablomee, your thoughts?

  6. “You’re on the same playing field as everyone one else John, every team has the same hurdles as you. Deal with it!”

    Um, that’s exactly what he said, they are dealing with the situation and will make no excuses if they don’t do a good job of it.

    Reading comprehension, get some

  7. This draft will be like a throwback to the old black and blue NFL days. One way to compensate for the limited (or no) time to evaluate players might be to extend it to 10 rounds. Each team then gets three more picks.

  8. Question for Flo: if there’s no season (College or pro) as Herbstreit projects, will there be a draft next April?

  9. It is hard on the sports fans. Having to stay at home with no live sports to watch. No NBA, NHL, no Premier League, no Bundesliga, no nothing. It is difficult not to have withdrawal symptoms. 🙁

  10. Back in the day, teams drafted based on a dog-eared copy of Street & Smith’s.

    And frankly, it worked just as well back then– if not better-

  11. There could be a few complications compared to having it done inside the draft room with all your scouts in attendance. If a GM has their pick coming up soon,.. and they have 2 maybe 3 prospects on their radar,.. they might ask the scouts who work that region a quick question or two that might sway the decision process. But like most have said,… with all the communications available,.. it should work out just fine.
    I still think it’s stupid to not allow the GM, his immediate staff, and Head Coach into their offices to conduct their draft.

  12. Look, 34% of the players in the NFL are UDFA’s.. Eval in general is poor. There will be a trove of late rounders/UDFA’s for the scouting outfits who select players that fit their program. Lynch has a proven track record of finding guys that can play. Kittle a 5th rounder, Brieda, Wilson, Warner, Samuels and on and on..

    With Pro days shut down a lot of guys who ran slow or weren’t ready at the Combine will be ripe for the picking. The name of the NFL game is to reload with inexpensive talent pay the guys you can upgrade whenever you can with value FA’s like they did non tendering Elijah Lee and signing Joe Walker..

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