Teams can have plenty of pre-draft communication with prospects

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Although Pro Day workouts and private workouts and visits to team facilities can’t happen prior to the 2020 draft, teams can still spend plenty of time talking to prospects.

According to the NFL, teams may contact an unlimited number of incoming rookies up to three times per week, for up to one hour at a time. The communications may be in the form of phone calls or videoconferences, and the only requirement is that the not conflict with a player’s school work.

Given that most players are no longer in school and given that most schools have switched to online learning, few if any communications would potentially conflict with classwork.

While hardly a perfect replacement for meeting players in person, a lot can be learned by talking to them for up to three hours per week in advance of the draft — including whether and to what extent they are reliable or punctual when the time comes to make or receive a phone call.

7 responses to “Teams can have plenty of pre-draft communication with prospects

  1. Just hope you don’t have a guy like Lawrence Taylor rated as your top guy, but then you got turned off by a video interview.

  2. LT got a standing ovation during training camp when they showed a college highlight clip. Rogers was a good player for NOLA but LT was a steal, if that’s possible at #2. The Giants were sold on him long before the draft. Man at a boys age and it was obvious, day 1.

  3. That’s the telephone the Cincinnati Bengals will use to inform Joe Burrow he’s their pick.

  4. I hope 31 teams keep talking to all those QB’s. Take like 6 of them in the first round. Let Justin Jefferson slide to #30.

    Now, I gotta get back to the Nitro Trucks Offroad Racing Full Sized Arcade Game we moved into the Music/Sports cave today. I’m up to five full sized arcade games and 7 pinball machines in the cave now.👍 Some good times and distraction during this unfortunate time in our world.

    Praying for us all during this time🙏 Stay strong people.✊



  5. backintheday99 says: LT… Man at a boys age and it was obvious, day 1.
    Steroids’ll do that. PEDs were less policed back then. He was on more than just a bit of coke.

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