Tyrod Taylor: We will turn “a lot of heads” if I’m the guy calling the shots

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Tyrod Taylor was supplanted in Buffalo by Josh Allen, and Baker Mayfield took Taylor’s job in Cleveland.

The Chargers pursued Tom Brady before he signed with the Buccaneers.

Taylor knows the drill.

But he’s hoping the Chargers give him a chance as the team’s starting quarterback.

“We have a lot of talent on our team,” Taylor told Gilbert Manzano of the Orange County Register on Sunday. “If I am the guy that would be calling the shots, I know for sure that we’ll go out and turn a lot of heads.”

Philip Rivers started the past 224 games over the past 14 years for the Chargers. For the first time since 2005, someone else will start for the Chargers in Week One this season.

Taylor currently is No. 1 on the depth chart, but the Chargers could draft a quarterback with the sixth overall choice or they could sign a veteran with Cam Newton and Jameis Winston among those still on the market.

Coaches have made Taylor no promises.

“I think it’s too early to start talking about it,” Taylor said of the starting job. “I’ve never been one to focus on things that I can’t control. . . .It starts with guys who [the Chargers] may sign whether it would be a veteran or whether it would be a rookie. I can’t focus on that because I can’t control it. So I feel like if I’m putting too much time into that then I’m not putting enough time into myself to be the best player. . . .I think I kind of done a good job of separating myself from the emotional side of things and just putting it aside and just strictly focusing on me being better, and going out and attacking each job with a starting mindset.

“I’ve done that since I stepped into this league as a sixth-round draft pick going to a team with an established quarterback [Joe Flacco]. For myself, mentally, I knew I had to walk into the building with a starting mindset, so I can be able to grow into the way I needed to grow, and I’m just trying to keep that mindset throughout the years. It has allowed me to be able to focus on what needs to be focused on for me to be able to go out and play ball at a high level.”

Taylor, 30, has one year remaining on his contract with a base salary of $5 million.

20 responses to “Tyrod Taylor: We will turn “a lot of heads” if I’m the guy calling the shots

  1. Patrick Mahomes sat out his rookie year, so I think the Chargers will be looking to do the same thing with the QB they draft. Tyrod Taylor will have the opportunity to turn some heads. Whether or not he’ll get a legit shot is probably not in the long term plans. I think he’s coming in to play the role of Alex Smith. Taylor will play until the new guy is ready. Tyrod is going to be a wealthy man. I’m sure he’d rather have a full time gig, but it pays the rent. He has a good attitude, so he’ll always have a job.

  2. 21-32…172 yds. 1 Td. And occasionally an int. Love the guy but it is what it is

  3. He turns heads a lot, he throws a multitude of 10 yard passes, but only to wide open receivers, no tight coverage!

  4. Like in Cleveland? He got his shot there and couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn.

  5. A class act everywhere he has been. Underrated “game manager” QB would be perfect on a team that has all the pieces in place… Maybe that team is the Chargers this year. Never know.

  6. If by “turning heads” he means people are going to have to look away then I agree.

  7. Yeah, they’ll turn.
    From too much shaking of heads over your terrible play.

  8. Tyrod haters should read these career passer ratings:-
    Josh Allen = 78.2
    Baker Mayfield = 85.9
    Cam Newton = 86.1
    Tyrod Taylor = 89.8

  9. First of all, I didn’t know Arsineal Hall had a twin.. second, no they will be shaking their heads wondering why your even playing.

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