Brandin Cooks could be on the move again

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Brandin Cooks was drafted with a first-round pick by the Saints in 2014, traded for a first-round pick to the Patriots in 2017 and traded to the Rams for a first-round pick in 2018. Now Cooks could get traded again — if the Rams can find a team willing to pay the right price.

Peter King explores the possibility of a Cooks trade in today’s Football Morning in America, with Philadelphia, Green Bay, Oakland and Washington listed as potential landing spots.

The Rams likely wouldn’t land a first-round pick in exchange for Cooks, but a second-round pick is a possibility.

Cooks raised eyebrows on Friday when he tweeted “Free me,” although in a later tweet he suggested that he meant from quarantine, not from the Rams.

The 26-year-old Cooks is coming off a disappointing season in which he caught a career-low 42 passes.

19 responses to “Brandin Cooks could be on the move again

  1. Pay was why Pats traded. He’s great but not at $16.8m (all guaranteed now), Rams overpaid. Great hands/speed but I’ve always said 5’10” is a bit short for a deep guy, and he can’t jump! Yet he doesn’t have toughness/durability to play inside and even now he’s already concussed.

  2. Anybody who gives up more than a 4th for this guy is ripping themselves off. He’s owed a boatload of money. He’s a concussion waiting to happen and the Rams are in salary dump mode, which is why he’s available in the first place! 4th or 5th rounder at most.

  3. I wouldn’t trade a 1st or 2nd rounder for this guy. First off he isn’t that good. Second he has had concussion issues. At most I would offer a 4th rounder.

  4. I’ll never understand why this guy was ever coveted by any team at any point in his career. He is a WR3 on many rosters.

  5. If they are considering it, nothing more than a late round pick.

    The one common denominator among Eagles WRs the last 2 years is they spend more time in the hot tub than on the field. With Cooks getting 2 concussions in a month last year, the Eagles would once again be rolling the dice with health issues.

    Trading Cooks would results in a $17 mill dead cap hit. If they are willing to trade him for peanuts it’s because they believe he is injured goods like Gurley.

  6. Cookie is really good wideout I wish the Pat’s would have been able to keep him but it’s all about money these days.

  7. Im not gonna bash the guy, i actually like him a lot more than the people above…he’s a deep threat take the top off kind of receiver or down & out hooks….& not a guy I’d feel comfortable sending over the middle. His salary is what makes him most unattractive & unless he lowers his demands there wont be a large demand for him… in a trade, a 3rd would be reasonable…..

  8. …and he can’t jump!


    Why, oh why did he try to hurdle the defender in open space in the super bowl when he could have dived a yard for a 1st and goal? That play followed by the botched 23 yard field goal were some bad omens.

  9. Lots of love for you here, Brandin. Might be best to stay put, if they still want you.

  10. Very limited as a player.

    Can’t beat press coverage. Can’t be your slot guy. Have to get him open with motion and last can’t win fights for a ball in the air.

    You have to design plays to get him open.

    Not worth the money he is being paid now so why would you want to pay that and a pick?

  11. Hopefully he doesn’t go to the Packers and get help from the officials to win games. The reputation in Green Bay between the attitude of their smug QB and growing trend of bad calls coming from the NFL officiating crews is clearly overwhelming and embarrassing. We all saw how the 49’ers figured out how to get around the officiating help, it was by kicking Green Bay’s teeth in from the start….two times last year!!

  12. Washington could have a decent set of young receivers without anyone of talent to do the passing. This should be comical.

  13. Interesting. Young (26), and has talent, but under-performed. Money – So his $4M roster bonus for 2020 became guaranteed on 3/15/2019 (not a typo). He also had $17M in Option bonuses that also became guaranteed on 3/13/2019. I am not 100% certain on this, but I believe both of those (as well as the prorated portion of his $7M signing bonus) would all hit LA’s cap. So, the remaining years on his contract are: 2020: $8M, 20201: $12M, 2022: $13M and 2023: $14M. Since nothing beyond his 2020 $8M salary is guaranteed and would transfer to another team, I think this becomes an interesting question of what type of pick you would give up for this guy – it may depend on how a team views it – if it’s a one year rental or if they are looking at it as a 4 year, $47M contract, with only $8M in guarantees. For a 26 year old WR, and at todays market prices, that flexibility may be worth a 2nd or 3rd round pick. However, given what the WR draft crop is purported to be, and what the free agent WR market has looked like thus far, I’d say it’s a buyers market, and a team might be able to get that for as low as a 4th round pick, depending on how badly LA wants to shed cap $ to set up for two years down the road.

  14. He may find a team but will never live down the drops in the Super Bowl …

  15. Nobody in their right mind is trading for his contract. He had several bonus’ due in mid March the time to trade him would’ve been before that. His dead money is 29 million and his scheduled to make 17 million. You think a team is going to take on that salary plus part with a lock to get him? They are stuck with him for another year, if his dead cap hit wasn’t so high he’d be on the street right now. Now that’s just his contract let’s talk about Cooks the player. He is undersized and has a concussion history where he has missed several games over the last couple of seasons. He is also paid like a 1 but is more of a field stretching 2. His most effective play is running deep and falling down hoping to pickup a PI. This was a terrible contract for the rams and No matter what Peter King reports or whatever media writes about interest in trading for Cooks it’s all a mirage. Too deep a talent pool in the draft this year with receivers.

  16. If Cooks gets a 2nd round pick, I’m gonna laugh. Robert Woods is the Rams best receiver and makes $8 million a year. Cooks makes twice as much at $16 million a year and is 1 concussion away from retirement, yet for some reason the Rams signed him to that 5 year / $80 million extension before he even played a game for them? Look, he’s a 1000 yard receiver when healthy, but unless the Rams are paying half of his remaining contract they’re not getting nice compensation for him. I wouldnt have a problem giving a 3rd for him but that’s as high as I would go

    If he makes sense for any team, it’s Philly. They need a WR2 bad and Cooks is the perfect fit across from Alshon (ASSUMING they’re both healthy, which we know for both of them is a big if)

  17. Traded to Houston along with 4th round pick for Houston’s 2nd round pick. Houston gets the better deal here, I think. Clearly, Rams we’re looking to unload Cooks and willing to give him away for pennies.

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