Cal safety Ashtyn Davis the draft’s “mystery man”

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Without the distractions of being in the office — or you know, leaving the house — NFL evaluators have plenty of time to grind through tape.

But only on players they actually have tape on.

According to Peter King of NBC’s Football Morning in America, Cal safety Ashytn Davis has been declared the draft’s “mystery man,” by one General Manager, as he underscores the pitfalls of scouting in the time of coronavirus.

Davis is a highly rated safety prospect, but he was hampered last year by a groin injury. He had surgery to repair a torn adductor muscle on Dec. 18, 2019. He went to the Scouting Combine and was checked by all the medical personnel there, but didn’t work out, figuring he’d do so at his pro day. He was hoping to run a 40-yard dash under 4.4 seconds there.

When that event was canceled, he became a question mark.

“I’m antsy,” Davis said. “But this is obviously a tough time in the country. I get it, totally. I just wish I could train for the 40 and run the 40, and now I haven’t been able to do either. But whatever happens, I know I am going to give first-round talent to whoever picks me.”

He tried to use his time in Indianapolis to impress teams during interviews, and Seahawks coach Pete Carroll joked that he knew enough football he  could consider coaching instead.

King asked a General Manager when Davis might be drafted, and the G.M. said it could be anywhere from 35th to 75th overall.

“I’m guessing,” the G.M. said.

There will be a lot of that going around, and players such as Davis who have scouting reports which are incomplete through no fault of their own might slide as a result.

4 responses to “Cal safety Ashtyn Davis the draft’s “mystery man”

  1. Mark out 40yds of sidewalk and mail it in – you could film it with your “dash” cam.

  2. I’ve long been annoyed by this fad of blowing off the combine in favor of school pro days… seeing it blow up in these guys faces is very gratifying

  3. If these guys have to “train for the 40”, that tells me NFL teams over value that compared to game tape. I doubt they continue to train for fast 40 yard times after they’re drafted.

  4. Can’t a player film a 40 yard dash of his own and put it up in social media?

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