Dave Gettleman’s seat remains hot

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The Giants opted after the 2019 season to fire coach Pat Shurmur and to keep G.M. Dave Gettleman. But Gettleman continues to be on notice.

In his latest mailbag for TheAthletic.com (as noticed by TheBigLead.com), Jay Glazer explained that Gettleman has one year to turn around a team that hasn’t been to the playoffs since 2015.

“He made a case to ownership to come back,” Glazer writes. “He presented a plan for how he’ll turn it around in a year. That needs to happen. If it doesn’t happen, he’ll be gone and rightfully so. If he doesn’t follow through, it’s time to go. I would hope that Gettleman has also learned a bit about himself and his interactions with people during this process. Anytime you’re on the hot seat, you have to look inside yourself and say, ‘What’s my responsibility in this?’ and make changes.”

If Gettleman goes, the Giants could be in an awkward spot with an incumbent coach and a new G.M. who may have never hired the incumbent coach. That’s why it’s always better to fire neither or both, and to ensure that both have the same accountability.

If Gettleman goes and Joe Judge stays, the next G.M. quite possibly will bide him time until the time comes to hire a new coach. And then the cycle will continue until there’s a clean sweep with new G.M. and new coach.

15 responses to “Dave Gettleman’s seat remains hot

  1. Lot of ifs here but that puts the Giants in a bind only resolved by hiring a proven coach who is also the GM, especially if he keeps the Patriots competitive without Brady….

    The Empire strikes back.

  2. Gettleman is safe. I don’t believe any of that stuff. Daniel Jones is an elite QB, and Gettleman stole him.

  3. Unless Dave G. convinces Roger G. to allow the use of stickum for the first time since 1981 so that his QB can stop fumbling the football, he’ll be working for the NFL Network next year.

  4. This is B.S. I’m not a Gettleman homer, but you don’t hire a rookie HC with a young QB and expect miracles in one year. If they win 3 games or less, then maybe they get rid of him. But if they show improvement without making the playoffs, they won’t fire him, not unless they want to be NFC version of the Browns.

  5. Hiring Judge is his long-shot attempt, could work well but chances are Judge isn’t ready, yet. Gettleman got his Giants gig from supposed success turning Panthers around, but look a tad closer and see many key elements (eg Rivera, Newton, Kuechly) arrived just before him and all he did was eventually make enough mistakes and piss enough folk off to get himself fired.

  6. SnarkTastic says:
    March 30, 2020 at 8:52 pm
    Unless Dave G. convinces Roger G. to allow the use of stickum for the first time since 1981 so that his QB can stop fumbling the football, he’ll be working for the NFL Network next year.

    Peyton Manning had 28 interceptions his rookie year.

    Daniel Jones will be just fine.

  7. Sounds like Gettleman was “mean” to Jay Glazer at some point in the past.

    Probably calls him Big Jay or something…

  8. I am not a Giants fan, a Bills fan, indeed, But I have this feeling the Gmen take the East this season. It looks like he made some pretty good moves to me. The division is in flux somewhat, and the QB will only get better with time.

  9. Gettleman craps the bed and belichick will be our GM in 2021. We know how these cycles go. It’s why we hired no name judge.

  10. Giants need to be playing meaningful games in December…Otherwise DG needs to be shown the door.

    He seems slow to react. He is playing checkers the good GMs are playing chess.

    OL — He was sold as OL expert. After 2 tries …The OL is still a disaster.

    2018/2019 FA, Trades, Salary Cap management — Have been horrendous.

    2018 Draft — Questionable. SB could very well turn out to be a wasted pick. Hernandez has regressed. The other picks seem lost.

    2019 Draft — Looks good after 1 year. Lets see if this group improves or regresses in 2020.

  11. agreed, bot Shurmur & DG should have been fired, fingers crossed this works out, Tomlin I believe was a DB coach & Harbaugh was a ST coach, so maybe this works out for the G-Men….

  12. One thing is clear, the New York Nightmara Family Crime Syndicate GM chose wisely on the QB when compared to that trainwreck from Ohio State that the Washington Numbskins picked up. Jones showed that he is a professional level of QB and Haskins-Robbins in Washington has proven he can take a selfie during a game. Period.

  13. One aspect of the Giants’ leadership that is beneficial is our drafts have been excellent. Gettleman deserves to be kept in charge based on his acquiring young talent alone! We have one of the youngest rosters in the NFL which renders them pliable which is a stark advantage to the club and the coaching staff. Young leader with a plan, who has been prepared for this by the greatest coach ever. That along with a young moldable roster chock full of high draft picks selected by an expert championship level GM. Sign me up. An enviable set of circumstances.

  14. Objectively Dave is a mixed bag.

    His drafts with the GIANTS have been pretty Good.
    – Daniel Jones
    – Saquon Barkley
    – Will Hernandez
    – Dexter Lawrence
    – Darius Slayton
    – Ryan Connely

    But he didn’t get us a PAss Rusher in the draft, and he picked a Franchise back without the infrastucture in place to have the back be a difference maker.

    He has NOT been good in FA:
    – Markus Golden is the only good FA signing he has made from 2018 or 2019
    – Jonathan Stewart, Patrick Omame

    He got a lot back in the Odell trade, and the Odell trade was an edict from John Mara, no way around that one.

    I think with Eli gone the re-build can be done correctly this time.

    I love Eli, but having him here the last three seasons backfired on the GIANTS badly.

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