Jason Licht: Bucs are focused on positions other than receiver

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Buccaneers head coach Bruce Arians was asked last week about the possibility of the team adding wide receiver Antonio Brown to the roster as another target for Tom Brady in their offense and he said “it’s not gonna happen.”

Arians said Brown was “not a fit in our locker room” as a third option to go with Mike Evans and Chris Godwin. The team did lose Breshad Perriman, who was tied for third on the team in catches last year, in free agency, so the prospect of adding another wideout isn’t totally out of left field.

If they do add one, it may not be until the draft. General Manager Jason Licht said on ESPN on Monday that the Bucs are “focused on other areas” as they move forward this offseason.

Justin Watson and Scott Miller combined for 28 catches last year and could see more playing time if the Bucs do wind up standing pat at the position in the coming weeks and months.

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  1. They’ll add someone in the draft, but no one as high profile as Brown. And that’s before considering Brown current dilemmas.

    But next year? Chris Godwin’s contract is ending next season. The Bucs would, prior to signing Brady, most likely have made an extension their top priority, as they do not have any other scheduled free agents that would be a higher priority (except for Shaq Barrett possibly, if he did not sign a new deal during the season and continues his high level f play).

    However, if Brady pushes for Brown next year as well (assuming that he has this year), then it becomes a question worth considering: If Bucs are faced with paying Godwin, who is a homegrown star, or paying Brown, who is a FA but favored by their prize FA signing, who would they pick? Price has a little to do with it (maybe Godwin’s would be higher than Brown’s after a year out of football, coupled with another big year from Godwin).

    If the Bucs are essentially forced into a big payday for a WR anyway, would they ignore Brown’s behavioral issues to give their QB a preferred target? Give Brady all he wants to help win a title before his retirement? Brady will not be treated like any other free agent QB and told to just trust the team. He will have some influence over roster composition, even it’s not direct. The question is how much leverage Arians and Licht are willing to give him-the answer logically expected would be “significant.”

  2. Watch Brady throws for 5,000 yards, 30Tds and 30INTS…Bucs problems are more than a QB. Bruce Arians has how many winning seasons as HC?????

  3. He better be! The talent and mid/back end depth is pretty weak. No secondary, no RBs, no WRs past Evans and Godwin. If they had budgeted for Humphries last year they would have been in better shape for moneygrabbing Brady.

  4. footballinla says:
    March 30, 2020 at 10:31 am

    Watch Brady throws for 5,000 yards, 30Tds and 30INTS…Bucs problems are more than a QB. Bruce Arians has how many winning seasons as HC?????




    He’s bascially duped everyone off of that Chuck Strong season where he filled in as head coach. He did a good job, but they seemed to be rallying around Pagano, not Arians.

    He then was pretty bad in Arizona, for some reason people thinking he was successful, got fired and then started running his mouth on tv, arrogantly and openly choosing to think he could fix Jameis Winston, who everyone else sees as a clear bust.

    It’s just unreal. His QBs got absolutely destroyed by sacks, too. Ben, Luck’s career was ruined over it, and now cement shoes Brady is supposed to wait for the deeper routes to develop?

    If you notice, all of his offenses are not very cerebral. They’re easy to defend and predictable, hence all of the sacks his QBs take and how unsuccessful he has been.

    He also wears out his welcomes very quickly. Won’t be any different in TB. Has disaster written all over it for sure.

  5. I would like to know if dez Bryant has any interest in becoming a Buccaneer. He can still play at a high level.

  6. Rashard Higgins would be a nice low dough pickup. He’s a professional. Dealt with insanity in Cleveland.

  7. tylawspick6,

    The following list is from reason to result :

    #1, Brady threw the balls at the earliest possible times.
    #2, He could score enough with dink n dunk.
    #3, He didn’t need top paid receivers and he didn’t need top paid O-line to hold more than 3 seconds.
    #4, Belichick didn’t have to overpay receivers and didn’t have to overpay O-line.
    #5, Bechick could build an cheap offense that played better in playoff than Peyton’s offense, than Brees offense, than Rodgers offense.

    Read the list in reverse order, that is how idiots think and give all the credit to Belichick by claiming #1 is the result of #5.

  8. i think we should draft a right tackle wuth the number 14th pic then grab a running back in the secound unless the running back is a breast who can open up the passing game more then what it does now buy our passing game is one of the best..if we hrab a running bavk at 14th then we grab a right tackle in the 2nd..the 3rd round pic will be a quarterback to learn from brady while he is holding a clip noard..4th down is a defensive line man..5th another offensive line man,,then the best available with 6th and 7th oh we have a extra 4th round pick too

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