Phillip Lindsay on addition of Melvin Gordon: “I’m going to do my job”

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Broncos running back Phillip Lindsay isn’t just going to give his job away to the new guy.

But he’s not mad at Melvin Gordon either.

Lindsay told Mike Klis of KUSA that he’s not prepared to just surrender his starting job — and after rushing for over 1,000 yards there’s no real reason to.

Melvin’s not my enemy,’’ Lindsay said. “He’s my teammate. He needs to do his job but best believe I’m going to do my job.’’

The Broncos signed Gordon to a two-year, $16 million deal (while Lindsay’s still grinding away at minimum wage and waiting on his), so they clearly have a role in mind for him. But Lindsay’s not planning to concede.

“When camp comes around it’s going to be battle,’’ Lindsay said. “I’m not just going to sit there and give somebody the job. They can. But I’m going to go out there and I’m going to battle.

“I’ve heard this stuff my whole entire life. And it’s never ever panned out how everybody has wanted it to pan out. Until someone proves me wrong, I’m going to continue to do what I do.’’

The former undrafted rookie has more than earned his shot at a significant role in the Broncos offense. And again, he’s earned a raise. With a son on the way in May, his economic future ought to be on his mind.

“I feel like I’ve outplayed my contract and I deserve to take care of my family, too,’’ Lindsay said. “But I’m under contract still. For me, my mindset is to play out my contract. The fact is, nothing has to be done. You can’t make anybody do something they don’t want to do.

“And so for me, I put pen to paper, I’ll be here. I didn’t know how the contract worked but I put pen to paper for a certain number of years and I’m going to play my contract and go from there.”

The Broncos have talked about giving Lindsay a raise, but so far they haven’t adjusted his deal. He made $480,000 and $570,000 in his first two seasons, and is due the mininum $750,000 this year. His new friend making more than him only brings that into starker relief.

21 responses to “Phillip Lindsay on addition of Melvin Gordon: “I’m going to do my job”

  1. This could actually help Lindsay out in the long run. He’s not a huge guy so expecting him to hold up getting the lion’s share of carries is asking a lot. Him staying fresh and healthy splitting some time could make him even more explosive, especially late in games.

  2. Lindsay has gotten a nice bump with his performance based pay the last 2 seasons as well. He’s making good money.

  3. I still don’t understand why they overpaid Gordon so much. They may have been better off just signing Lindsey to an extension and drafted a RB on day three of the draft. They’ll regret paying Gordon that much. I wouldn’t be surprised in the least if Lindsey outplays him by a lot this year. Gordon is a chump.

  4. Bucs should trade a 4th for Lindsey, I don’t see why Denver would bring in Gordon. The combo of Lindsay and Freeman have been fine. Elway sometimes get a little too cute.

  5. 2 good backs with an OL that can run block. Better than the LA Chargers with an OL that couldn’t run block or pass block for Philip Rivers.

  6. I’m a Raider fan and have seen both backs…..if I had to choose it would be Lindsey, but they should be effective as a combo.

  7. Lindsay seemed to yap on the field a lot, for being such a little guy. They brought a more talented RB in b/c they know Lindsay can’t hold up.

  8. At least we know this Klis story is true since he got someone on the record.

    He won’t need to get called out by Schefter like when he erroneously said Gordon took less to play for the Broncos over the Bills when, ya know, the Bills never even made him an offer.

  9. Injury prone position. Gotta have two quality RBs at all times. With Lindsay’s size does anyine think he can go all 17 games?

  10. I don’t get the Elway bashing.Right now we’re in the free agency/draft time. Since most of those contracts are knowable, Elway should be freed up by June to get back to Lindsay who I think is best used at the end of games when opponents are worn down.

    I think Elway will pay him more than Melvin.

  11. minnifieldanddixon says:
    March 31, 2020 at 8:53 am
    Injury prone position. Gotta have two quality RBs at all times. With Lindsay’s size does anyine think he can go all 17 games?
    17 games? He’s played 31 of the last 32 games since he’s been in the league, so I don’t see why his durability would be in question.

  12. In unsaid words: The draft has been unable to produce an RB that can take my job, why should this guy be any different. Plus did anyone tell him it snows here?

  13. Hopefully Lindsay’s agent sat him down and explained that adding Gordon will further his career. Once RBs get hurt, teams forget about them fast. Players of Lindsay’s size and playing style rarely have long NFL careers. Lindsay is a fan favorite for being tough and running between the tackles, but the Broncos leaned on him too much over the 2 seasons and he’s not built to be a workhorse. Gordon will help with the wear and tear aspect.

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