Brandon Copeland using time to teach “Life 101”

Getty Images

Players don’t have offseason programs to worry about at the moment, or anything that was previously scheduled, really.

But new Patriots linebacker Brandon Copeland wants to help his fellow players to keep improving while on coronavirus lockdown.

Via Mark Cannizzaro of the New York Post, the former Jet is hosting the first in a series of webinars for NFL players today, in which he discusses topics including time and financial management.

We should try to look at this as an opportunity to get better,’’ Copeland said. “That may be by auditing ourselves, going through bills, getting things done, finding little pockets of money and coming out of this stronger in terms of having a better investment plan.

“The benefit of having me be the host is they’re talking to a brother when they’re talking to me. You can dwell on the negative of this [crisis] or you can come out of it better, because years from now, some people will talk about having made money or becoming the person they are out of the coronavirus pandemic.’’

Copeland, who teaches a class called “Life 101” at the University of Pennsylvania (where he graduated from the Wharton Business School), has worked with the NFLPA on the program, and also has been contacted by other sports unions to share his message. He’s had players approach him for business advice in the past, and sees this as a chance to spread his message to a broader audience.

Tuesday’s debut will focus on coronavirus-related topics and “what we can do to better ourselves to we come out of this stronger.’’

“That can be estate planning or having a grip on an investment plan or something as simple as reading some books and getting some things done that you always wanted to get done but didn’t have the time,’’ he said.

Future webinars will cover real estate, stocks, taxes, accounting, entrepreneurship and small business.

Since players aren’t able to meet or work out normally at this time, Copeland’s program is a valuable one, allowing players to spend an hour working on getting better, in lieu of binging on Netflix or being consumed by the news.