Doug Marrone: Yannick Ngakoue has done everything Jaguars have asked

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Defensive end Yannick Ngakoue is ready to move on from Jacksonville. He made that clear in a social media post Tuesday, writing, “It’s obvious my time is up in my current situation.”

Ngakoue said before the Jaguars applied the franchise tag earlier this year that he would not sign a long-term deal with the team and wanted to play elsewhere. With the tag in place, the Jaguars have discussed a trade with other teams.

The Jaguars, though, aren’t going to give away Ngakoue.

So, for now, Ngakoue remains a member of the Jaguars.

“Yannick has been great,” Jaguars coach Doug Marrone said in a conference call Tuesday. “He’s done everything I’ve asked him to do as a head coach and everything Todd Wash has asked him to do on the defensive coordinator. When the business starts getting involved, it’s tough. As a coach, you always want your players to be happy. You want the best for your players. From that standpoint, I understand the challenges that are going on for Yann. When you look at our whole organization and how much we appreciate and love him, I think the organization and the rules of the league and the CBA, I think the players have rights and the teams have rights and what you do as a coach is hope all this stuff can be resolved in a positive way for everyone. I’m just hoping that somewhere down the line or somehow all this stuff can be resolved in a way, but again I understand both sides to it. It’s a part that I’ve always struggled with, the business end of it.

“It’s just tough; it really is, especially with a player that has done everything we’ve asked. I’m hoping that somewhere down the line we can get this situation resolved.”

5 responses to “Doug Marrone: Yannick Ngakoue has done everything Jaguars have asked

  1. They may need to cut their losses and take the best offer. They aren’t going to get a team like the Rams who were dumb enough to give two first-round picks like they got for Jalen Ramsey. That was a different situation anyway since Ramsey was still under contract and his salary was relatively low. Teams may be interested in Ngakoue but the price is going to be steep–both for what they will have to give the Jags and what they will have to pay Ngakoue to make him happy. Supposedly Ngkoue wants a contract worth $22M per season. I think he’ll have a hard time getting that but he should at least get a contract that will allow him to feed his family.

  2. The Franchise tag was for QB and hall of famers and has been corrupted into being applied to many players, and was never intended as a tag and trade provision.
    That said, the franchise tag salary is still excellent, and the player is well paid.
    The only downside is one year of injury risk.

  3. Jags are going the right direction. They got rid of their hood rats which is a start. They would of never won with those players of the past. I’m not referring to Foles by the way.

  4. They really shouldn’t be able to trade someone that’s tagged. If you tag someone, that’s YOUR “franchise” player (in theory) and you just trade him? No. I say if you truly value a player as a franchise player, once you apply the tag, that player is on your team once they sign. Or do something to prevent tag and trades. You’re either tagged and on that team, or you’re a free agent.

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