Nickelodeon to simulcast a playoff game with broadcast geared to young viewers

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As part of the NFL’s announcement that this season’s playoffs will be expanded, the league is making an aggressive move to attract younger fans.

One of those extra playoff games will be broadcast not only by CBS but also by Nickelodeon, with a separately produced telecast of the game tailored for a younger audience.

There have been some concerns within the NFL in recent years that young kids aren’t as into football as kids were a generation or two ago. It’s clear that putting a game on Nickelodeon, and gearing the broadcast toward younger viewers, is an effort to change that.

What’s unknown is how a Nickelodeon-produced game will differ from a typical NFL game. We won’t be seeing green slime dumped on the referee if he misses a call, but we might see a younger team of broadcasters, and a presentation that looks more like a video game. The Nickelodeon broadcast surely won’t draw an audience anything close to the size of the CBS audience, but if Nickelodeon can bring in even a small number of additional young viewers, the NFL will see value in that.

11 responses to “Nickelodeon to simulcast a playoff game with broadcast geared to young viewers

  1. When will the NFL simulcast a game with drunks doing the commentary, like “Drunk History”?

    For example:

    Announcer 1: “Drew Brees drops back to pass”…
    Announcer 2: “He never got along with his mom…I didn’t either”.
    Announcer 1: “….”

  2. I’d like to circle back to the idea of sliming the refs when they get a call incorrect ….

  3. Why would the youngsters want to watch a sport that their parents have told them is too dangerous to play?

  4. Finally the Packer fans will get a chance to learn something about football.

  5. Considering how blatantly biased today’s announcers are towards certain teams and certain players, maybe we’ll finally get an agenda-free NFL broadcast?

  6. In the UK, the Super Bowl is broadcast with an alternative commentary stream for new viewers, with lots of emphasis on explaining terminology and rules, and why teams are doing what they’re doing to a greater degree than the regular announcers will explain. I’ve tuned into it for a few series on previous Super Bowls for curiosity’s sake, and it really brings home to me how much our American announcers take for granted that the viewer knows through pure osmosis. Britain doesn’t have the cultural associations with football, and many of those potential fans won’t have relatives or friends who’re more knowledgeable about the sport to teach them these things, so it’s a key gateway in turning people watching out of curiosity into NFL fans. I imagine this kids’ broadcast will offer a similar style, which might actually prove a useful viewing experience for more than just children. If it’s a success, I could see the NFL maybe considering this style of presentation for, say, one game a week in the regular season, because making the game more accessible is important in creating new fans.

  7. I will definitely be watching the Nickelodeon broadcast, solely because I would rather watch commercials for toys and videos games than commercials for macro beer and Viagra.

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