Ray Horton compares Quinton Dunbar to “a young Richard Sherman”

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Former Washington Redskins defensive backs coach Ray Horton had a specific name in mind when asked for a comparison for new Seattle Seahawks cornerback Quinton Dunbar.

His answer was a name those in Seattle are exceedingly familiar with.

To me, it would be Richard Sherman,” Horton said, via Bob Condotta of the Seattle Times “Because of the style of play, the hands, the anticipation, the (being a) former wide receiver, the competitiveness. Really, that’s what you are getting is a young Richard Sherman. And this kid is hungry. He wants to be good.”

Sherman made a name with the Seahawks, elevating himself from a former fifth-round draft pick to a five-time Pro Bowl selection and three-time first-team All-Pro. Meanwhile, Dunbar has gone from an undrafted free agent signing in Washington to becoming a full-time starter coming off his best season before an injury ended his 2019 season.

Like Sherman, Dunbar played wide receiver in college before making the change to the defensive side of the ball. While Sherman’s move came while still at Stanford with the chance to adapt to the new position before becoming a pro, Dunbar didn’t make the switch until he got to Washington. The two are similar in stature as well with Horton adding that Dunbar’s football intelligence is among the best he’s worked with.

The Seahawks secondary has understandably regressed following the departures of Sherman, Kam Chancellor and Earl Thomas over the last three years. Dunbar’s addition will help push incumbent starters Shaquill Griffin and Tre Flowers at cornerback.

“You are getting that type of player,” Horton said. “They are going to love this kid.”

18 responses to “Ray Horton compares Quinton Dunbar to “a young Richard Sherman”

  1. Dunbar is a “young Richard Sherman”….LMFAO
    That’s ridiculous!
    Dunbar is 27 yrs old

    When Sherman was 27, he was already a 3-Time 1st Team All-Pro & 3-time Pro Bowler!
    Dunbar hasn’t made ONE…at the same age!

  2. The ‘gag’ order, the bait and switch clauses of the new bargaining agreement w/players, the
    fiasco’s involving referees and replay “missing” obvious infractions (like 2018 Saints/Rams
    debacle) and the history of games obviously manipulated for outcomes desirable to NFL for
    marketing and Posturing ( 2005 Seahawks vs. Pittsburg where they installed a dynasty to compare w/the Yankees, by enforcing phantom penalties) (Hasselbeck called for blocking below the waist,
    when trying to tackle an interception, or ‘Big Ben’s head over goal line good enough for the T.D. etc, etc, etc, proves the NFL is a greedy, corrupt and degenerate organization. What happened to sportsmanship, and who can respect the ‘winners’ of this pathetic organization???

  3. oh, so he cant play man to man or tackle either?
    and he’s also big mouth know it all too?
    Sherman is terrible

  4. Dunbar is no where near as good as a young Richard Sherman once was, not even close. If Dunbar was then Ron Rivera wouldn’t of given him up for peanuts, and to top things off Dunbar is EXTREMELY INJURY PRONE and cannot stay on the field to save his life as Dunbar has missed almost an entire season of play missing 14 games over just the last 2 seasons alone. Dunbar doesn’t make the Hawks a better team as the guy cannot stay on the field, making matters worse SEA has ZERO pass rushers to speak of right now and likely will be asking their DB’s to cover FOREVER which is impossible. Guys like DeAndre Hopkins, Larry Fitzgerald and Christian Kirk will take that all day long and abuse the SEA corners at will as SEA doesn’t have anyone to cover them .

  5. Big if but IF his injuries are behind him, Seattle will look at keeping him long term. They can’t get their DL even up to average so the back end will have to be top notch if they want another Lombardi in the Wilson era.

  6. collectordude says:
    March 31, 2020 at 7:59 am
    IN other words, he’s an opinionated loud mouth.
    Aren’t we all? Why do you and I get to have an opinion and he (who actually plays the game) does not? Its a free country. If you can’t take others opinions then that’s kind of on you.

    “I can’t handle that guys freedom of expression. Please take it away this instant!”
    -Soft modern American males on social media.

  7. If you think Richard Sherman can’t tackle you probably don’t watch much football. This isn’t hyperbole when I say he might be one of the best run support CB’s to ever play football.

  8. I know he cant tackle
    and I guarantee you I’ve seen more football than some Seattle homer

  9. Is that meant to be a compliment? Hopefully he meant Dunbar plays like Sherman, not that he runs his mouth like Sherman.

  10. Ron Rivera may be a good coach, but so far he’s been a terrible GM.

    Dunbar has talent, lot’s of it. His only issue is injuries the past two seasons. Washington doesn’t have a lot of other talent at corner at the moment, so letting Dunbar go for peanuts wasn’t exactly a smart move. Dunbar, who has been underpaid, was told by the former regime that he would get a raise this off-season. When Rivera came in and Dunbar asked if that was still in the works, Rivera told him he wasn’t doing extensions until after he’d finished his roster evaluation and offered not timeline. If Rivera had communicated better with Dunbar and had something positive to say to him, this would all have been avoided. Instead Rivera treated Dunbar like he was just some jag.

  11. Huge Sherman fan. Let’s be honest…very few had his upside. Rare talent. Let’s also be fair…he had exceptional coaching at his position, Like or dislike Pete, defense and developing talent at that position is his specialty. Sherman benefited from that experience, and it very likely made him even better than he would have been under some other coach. Maybe all Dunbar needs is a similar environment to have the same opportunity. Injuries happen. Time will tell if he can be “as-good-as” Sherman, and if he’s actually “injury-prone”.

  12. That is not fair Ray, Dunbar doesn’t use performance enhancers like Adderall to up his play.

  13. Good to hear. Hopefully he is spot on and Dunbar is all pro this season. Time will tell, but at least the fellow who should know the best says something positive. Better than saying he has potential but is lazy.

  14. billzbubb says:
    March 31, 2020 at 10:40 am
    Ron Rivera may be a good coach, but so far he’s been a terrible GM.


    You obviously do not follow the skins, and I really can’t take your post seriously. It’s about grown ups running this team now. Bottom line, he got upset because he has to prove himself to this staff this year before getting a new contract. He signed the previous extension and was very grateful for the raise after being an UDFA. Now he feels since he was considered the best corner on a 3-13 team he deserved a raise. Well, it doesn’t work like this in the big boys league. I love what Rivera is doing….it’s called creating competition to EARN your position on this team. He is attaining low risk high reward FA’s and let them battle it out in camp. HTTR!!

  15. fred0923 says:
    March 31, 2020 at 8:56 pm
    …I love what Rivera is doing….it’s called creating competition to EARN your position on this team. He is attaining low risk high reward FA’s and let them battle it out in camp.
    You obviously don’t follow the Seahawks.
    This is what Pete Carroll has been doing for the last 11 years.

  16. If he has a good year, Penny-pinching Mode, aka Seattle, will have to decide whether they want to pay him market value or allow him to walk.

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