Anthony Lynn: If healthy, Cam Newton is going to be a good QB for someone

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The Chargers may or may not be spreading word they are not interested in Cam Newton. They are not going to make any declarations public, however.

Chargers coach Anthony Lynn was asked specifically about the team’s interest in Newton during a conference call Wednesday.

“We’re looking at everybody,” Lynn said, via Lindsay Thiry of ESPN. “I want to turn over every single rock, so yeah, we’re looking at everybody.”

The former Panthers quarterback remains a free agent, and despite what some may think, he’s got a better resume than the guy currently “in the driver’s seat” to win the starting job in Los Angeles.

Newton won league MVP honors in 2015 when he led the Panthers to the Super Bowl. He is a three-time Pro Bowler.

A source was emphatic that Newton “can still play,” though Newton has had shoulder and foot injuries that have limited him the past two seasons.

“Cam’s a good quarterback,” Lynn said initially when asked about Newton. “He’s done a lot of good things with the Panthers, led them to a Super Bowl. He’s had some injuries. If he’s healthy, he’s going to be a good quarterback for somebody.”

The Chargers failed to land Tom Brady, leaving them with Tyrod Taylor as their starting quarterback at the moment. The team, though, is expected to either sign a free agent quarterback or draft one.

The Chargers have done their due diligence on the top quarterback prospects.

10 responses to “Anthony Lynn: If healthy, Cam Newton is going to be a good QB for someone

  1. Are you reading this Cam? A good quarterback. I agree but good quarterbacks don’t get the mega bucks contracts. Don’t price yourself out of a job like Latrell Sprewell did in the NBA. He never played again.

  2. It’s a huge if and it’ll take probably a whole season to have any confidence he really is back since lisfranc injuries are so unpredictable. If he wants to play he’ll end up on a prove it kind of deal someplace. If he decides he won’t play for any less than starter money he is as good as retired.

  3. Yep, and Phillip Rivers hasn’t lost an once of physical talent. All these April fools like comments about the ancient QBs is pretty funny.

  4. If he’s healthy

    That’s a big “if” considering his last two years. He’s not getting any younger.

  5. “The chargers have done their due diligence on top quarterback prospects”. For some reason I read that as they’ve always hit on 1st round QB’s. Ryan Leaf came to mind immediately but River’s was decent. Still a better track record than most teams.

  6. Cam’s done. The Broncos defense broke him and shattered his Superman image. He hasn’t been the same since.

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