Antonio Brown among Lamar Jackson’s workout receivers

Hollywood Brown on Twitter

Lamar Jackson is working out in South Florida with a pair of buddies with the last name Brown. One is his teammate Marquise Hollywood Brown. The other?

Antonio Brown.

On his Instagram account, the Ravens quarterback posted a video of Antonio Brown catching a 50-yard pass he threw. Hollywood Brown tweeted a photo of Jackson with his arms draped around the two receivers.

The video and photo have created a social media buzz . . . and not because the three were not practicing social distancing. (Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis issued a statewide stay-at-home order beginning Thursday that will last 30 days.)

It’s become obvious the NFL will have to complete its investigation into Antonio Brown under its Personal Conduct Policy before anyone gives the seven-time Pro Bowl receiver another chance.

Antonio Brown’s former trainer, Britney Taylor, has filed a lawsuit that alleges she was sexually assaulted by Brown on multiple occasions.

Antonio Brown, 31, played only one game last season. He recently has campaigned publicly for a chance to return to the NFL.

It becomes a question of who, if anyone, will give Antonio Brown a chance once the NFL finishes its investigation? It won’t be the Bucs, and the Ravens don’t seem likely either.

The Ravens have receivers Marquise Brown, Willie Snead IV, Miles Boykin, Chris Moore, Jaleel Scott and De'Anthony Thomas and are expected to use the draft to improve the position. Baltimore has nine choices, including five in the first three rounds.

28 responses to “Antonio Brown among Lamar Jackson’s workout receivers

  1. Too late Antonio. Nobody will touch you. Even if you get reinstated. Go wrestle with Gronk. Kaepernick has a better shot than you.

  2. We’ll see how cool Lamar thinks AB is when he discovers Brown gave him Coronavirus.

  3. AB has proven he has the ability to catch passes. What AB has yet to prove is that he can behave like a normal human being instead of a spoiled brat. It just goes to show, talent will only get you so far when your sense of entitlement is out of control.

  4. The answer to your question is no. The answer to your 2nd question is also no

  5. I guess these players did not get the memo about a virus in this country and that everyone is asked to stay inside and away form unnecessary contact, oh I forgot this is the NFL

  6. the combined iq level of these 3 people is probably 200

    Have these idiots heard about coronavirus?

  7. He would be a great asset for a guy like Lamar….but you just cant trust the guy to just play..

  8. Wow. And I liked Lamar Jackson til now. Now I don’t.

    2 Reasons:

    1. Ignoring social distancing
    2. Hanging with a clown like AB.

  9. Yeah, we all know AB can catch a pass. The second and more important part of the equation is being a decent human being. AB doesn’t seem to have that skill down yet.

  10. The reigning league MVP should really be taking speech therapy classes instead of throwing footballs during the off season. If he is indeed the future of the league he’s got to start speaking English, ESPN and the like really need to start subtilting his interviews.

  11. Not a shocker. If you follow either one of them on twitter they can’t spell. Not surprised. Maybe they can learn together Billy Madison style.

  12. AB plays by the rules so I’m sure there is no COVID-19 risk there. Good decision making there Lamar.

  13. 1. Hollywood is Brown’s cousin. Do we honestly believe they wouldn’t work out together?
    2. AB trains harder than anyone so, yes I do want his work ethic to rub off on my guys.
    3. LJ is a standup dude, so is Hollywood; maybe they can rub off on Brown. Brady even likes Brown. No one is saying anything about that. Also, Big Ben hasn’t been black balled yet.

    Ravens aren’t picking him up, and LJ is who he’s proven to be time and time again, a good teammate for not dissing his #1 receiver’s family, and authentic. #bigtruss

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