Bryan Bulaga: “Disheartening” to see so many players not vote on CBA

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NFL players approved a new Collective Bargaining Agreement earlier this year by a 60-vote margin, but that could have been different had more votes been cast during the process.

Nearly 22 percent of the eligible voters elected not to cast a ballot. Chargers tackle Bryan Bulaga was not in that group and he expressed some frustration on Tuesday about those who chose not to participate in the process.

“I’m very confused why so many guys didn’t vote. It was a big deal,” Bulaga said, via the Associated Press. “The CBA isn’t something we’re voting on for ourselves. It’s a big decision and to see so many guys not vote is disheartening. . . . Regardless of how it went it probably would have been encouraging if more guys voted. It’s interesting and unfortunate. Guys are able to do what they want.”

Bulaga did not say which way he voted on the agreement. The validity of the CBA is now being challenged by former Panthers safety Eric Reid, who alleges the language of the document changed after players voted on it.

13 responses to “Bryan Bulaga: “Disheartening” to see so many players not vote on CBA

  1. New headline for a future article: “Player that did not vote on CBA complains about new CBA”. Its the way of the world nowadays I’m afraid

  2. 22% not voting on a close vote that directly affects them when there are few voters is certainly disappointing. It’s not like your vote in 1 out of 1,000,000, its one out of 1,700 and if the vote is close around 850 per side, then a few votes either way can swing it.

    It has nothing to do with supporting the union, it’s ignorance and laziness.

  3. A non-vote doesn’t automatically mean don’t care! It often simply means not for or against.

  4. There is a good chance that more than the 22% were uninformed about the issues and voted anyways. I would not want to be subjected to rules voted by the majority if they didn’t understand what they were voting on.

  5. in defense of the 22% maybe they didn’t know which vote to cast so they sat out? Neither side was a clear cut win for the players, so why cast a vote only to think a week later you should’ve voted the other way?

  6. Bulaga is right. It’s ridiculous to see that 20% of the players didn’t even bother to vote.
    I feel the same way about Americans who don’t vote in our elections. They are usually the first ones who complain about things, too.

  7. Antonio Brown Where Are You? says:

    It has nothing to do with supporting the union

    Yes it does.

  8. The most popular votes won. Decisions are made by those who show up … Unless … There’s an Electoral College whereby a landslide loser is the winner, then to paraphrase the sports cliche, it IS what it ISN’T.

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