Bucs new uniforms to be unveiled next Tuesday

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The Buccaneers had already acknowledged that they were going to be unveiling new uniforms for next season, and that they were coming in April.

Now,  they’ve announced the announcement.

Via Rick Stroud of the Tampa Bay Times, the Bucs said they’d reveal their new look on April 7.

That gives their fans something to look forward to until next Tuesday, imagining what Tom Brady will look like in red, or pewter, or with a little luck orange.

The new look will replace the last ill-fated redesign in 2014, and as Stroud notes, the team has played as poorly as they looked — with a .354 winning percentage in those uniforms.

While their 1997 design change came with on-field success including an eventual Super Bowl title, it did rob us all of their orange creamsicle uniforms and Bucco Bruce. Until Tuesday, we can all hold out hope that’s what they go back to.

29 responses to “Bucs new uniforms to be unveiled next Tuesday

  1. TB12 in creamsickle!
    But it’s Brady with the knife between his teeth. They could even use court room sketch Tom Brady!

  2. I have no problem with them going back to the Super Bowl era ..red and pewter BUT the NFL has got to get off that crazy rule not letting teams use TWO different coloured helmet shells…why? because it would require 2 sets of helmets for each player to be fitted?. Come on…the cost should not be a issue. 70 additional helmets at $200.00 a piece. $14,000 should not a deal killer for teams that want to wear their throwbacks.

  3. Rumor has it the the top of the helmets will feature a version of the goofy hats that
    Arians, the self proclaimed maven of football, wears as a bad fashion statement.

  4. They aren’t bringing back the creamsicle orange nor Bucco Bruce. Same helmet color, no chrome facemask, still pewter and red, more like the original pewter unis.

  5. Wisest move ever is to go back to the great creamsicles with the great logo.The marketing people on these teams are morons. Izt almost looks like they combine different people’s designs into one to make up one hot mess.

    It’s just unreal how bad some of the newer uniform designs and logos have been over the past 25 years.

    Baltimore, Denver, Miami’s new one losing that mid 60s cartoonish vibe that all the AFL teams had that are so epic, etc. The new Jets one is hideous, too.

    Jax is ugly, the people in Cleveland ruined thre classic Browns look. They need to go back to 2013’s look, the more original old school look.

    The Lions uni got destroyed. Go back to the original with no logo which is one of the coolest ever, or just go back to the 80s/90s ones. The blue pants were also killer with the white jerseys. I can still see Barry Sanders streaking down the field in TB with the road white and blue pants. Killer.

    Some unis should never be missed with and some should have never been born.

  6. I would love for Bucco Bruce to come back but it’s not happening until the NFL changes the helmet rule and they do it on throwbacks day. They aren’t going back to that full time. The new uniform is basically the Super Bowl era version without the orange trim.

  7. Brand new uniforms wont get them to the playoffs,talent will.I hope the manufacturers of these unis are paying for them because the team is just wasting money like a spoiled kid buying things they dont need.

  8. A good uniform should be instantly recognizable. Whether it’s the colors, the helmet or the overall appearance, one glance should tell the fan which team it is, even from a distance. Fancy number fonts, little names on the chest, (or pant legs) or logos that are too complicated and detailed are useless for the most part, because unis are seen mostly on T.V. and even HD can’t show that when they’ve zoomed out for an actual play. Simple is better.
    Best uniforms I know, Penn State; white helmets with one stripe and no logo, dark blue tops, white pants, ankle socks, no stripes. Even in black and white you knew immediately who they were. We’ll see what happens on Tuesday for the Bucs. The Browns are up next.

  9. “Until Tuesday, we can all hold out hope that’s what they go back to.”

    I am absolutely hoping that’s what they go back to, or some updated variant of it. It’s Florida, for Pete’s sake – they don’t need dark colors and the silly attempts to look “tough”.

    I think they had it right way back then – doing with orange what the Dolphins did with blue. Everything from ’97 on has looked silly, if not outright bad.

    Heck, go with light-orange and white and put an eye patch on the Patriots logo, and you’re pretty much there…

  10. The creamsicle unis looked about like those old Bucs teams played – BAD! They should go back to something like the original red and pewter. Those unis looked good, and the teams played well!

  11. Sounds like this is going to underwhelm a lot of people. UniWatch has seen them already and it’s a fairly modest change. The digital clock font is gone (yay!) but most everything else is similar to what they had been wearing. Helmets will be identical, no orange alternate jersey or anything else that would truly excite fans. That’s not entirely bad since I liked their current ones outside of that lousy font (though I’ve never liked the oversized logo on the helmets) but if you say you’re changing stuff people tend to be disappointed when it turns out to be a tweak rather than a real change.

  12. A small sneak peek show a jersey shoulder area with a brighter red with an orange trim. You just have to love all the attention the Bucs are getting with this. It will be fun to watch the unveiling next Tuesday.

  13. For gods’ sake, please don’t use the design firm that came up with the last god-awful uniform.

  14. Brady has worn one of the more ugly uniforms in the NFL as a Patriot. The flag banner guy on the silver helmet and red face masks were sooo ugly. And it stayed on the same course when you added the blue & silver jerseys with the K-Mart football jersey numbers. Horrible.

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