Cancellation of Wimbledon doesn’t bode well for NFL’s London games

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Wimbledon has been canceled.

Not postponed. Canceled.

Arguably the most famous and prestigious tennis tournament in the world won’t happen in 2020, due to the coronavirus pandemic. It’s the first outright cancellation of the tournament since World War II.

The news comes a day after the NFL expressed with nonchalance bordering on naivete that the full 2020 season will happen as scheduled, in full stadiums. The same conference call with league executives included an expression of confidence that the league’s five international games in London and Mexico will be played as scheduled.

The Jaguars are scheduled to host two games in London. The Dolphins and Falcons are supposed to host one each. The Cardinals are due to host the Mexico game.

Maybe the NFL knows something the rest of us don’t. Maybe the NFL has decided to project confidence to the point of stridence in the face of an unprecedented public-health crisis. Maybe the NFL simply doesn’t know what’s really going on.

Regardless, few outside the league share the muted, Twilight Zone-ish defiance that was expressed by Jeff Pash and others during Tuesday’s conference call. And it’s hard not to think that, like plenty of politicians are doing based on their comments from a month or so ago, the league eventually will be saying something dramatically different than what it said on Tuesday.

34 responses to “Cancellation of Wimbledon doesn’t bode well for NFL’s London games

  1. If one single player tests positive when they try to start the season back up, it will all be shut down immediately. There won’t be a season.

  2. Good.

    NFL games should not be played in London or anywhere other than in America. Vendors, stadium workers, bus drivers and a slew of other people derive at least some of their income from the games. Why should they go without while a game is being played somewhere else?

  3. Big consideration to this: There are 4 tentpole tennis competitions in the calendar year. So Wimbledon can’t ‘postpone 6 months’ because it would conflict with another competition. Aug-Sept is US Open.

    So Wimbledon cancelling may not be a ‘we don’t foresee anything happening in this country all year” vs a “we cannot possibly make our window, and our next window isn’t until Wimbledon 2021.

  4. Finally. Some good news out of this. bring those games home & keep them here.

  5. At the rate we are going, other countries will place a travel ban on the US. How ironic.

  6. I don’t care if they play there… but if they do they better be in quarantine for four weeks when they return to the USA…

  7. Glad to hear it. NFL teams don’t need to sacrifice a home game just to appease Roger Goodell’s ego.

  8. We are like 9 months from a London game. Though I don’t think many NFL fans would care if they got cancelled, same with the players. But lets hold off on it doesn’t bode well lol

  9. @Pocari

    French Open has already moved to late September, within a couple weeks after the usual U.S. Open. While controversial, believe me, they are not above butting heads in the schedule.

  10. Dont care if they play in London – The fan bases that paid for 8 home games, should get 8 home games, provided we have a full season.

  11. Say it ain’t so! Shad Khan must be twirling is mustache because he’s gonna have to play 2 home games at his empty stadium in Jax and miss out on the income.

  12. If the U.K. tells the NFL to cancel the London games, Roger will take it personally and get angry. Roger isn’t used to being told “no” by anyone except the NFL owners. And even they bow down to him more often than not.

  13. My understanding is that Wimbledon has insurance coverage for pandemics, where other tennis and sports league don’t. So they are covered financially.

  14. Who cares? We’re worried about if the season will start here in the US. F London games at this point.

  15. Wimbledon was June 29th to July 12th. NFL international games don’t happen until at least Week 5 (early October). Wimbledon JUST announced (3 months before event) – which means the NFL still has until July to decide and lots of things can change.

  16. Remember all the hub bub that the NFL was tone deaf about holding free agency? It was an unqualified success.
    There’s a risk sports talk guys would get laid off if no sports.

  17. the NFL isn’t going to play in front of fans either way.. it is a pipe dream… President is saying 100 to 200 people could be dead that is double the Vietnam war (for Americans) you think we are going to go through that and then pack stadiums a month later with 80 thousand people? Pipe dream.. and a bad one at atat.

  18. we live in a crazy time… 6 figures of our people are going to die and we are thinking they are going to be playing football games. I love the Bills.. but I am not insane. No one is predicting this will be over by then and we are talking about packing people into stadiums like sardines. London has told people to be ready to be inside for 6 months.. that is until October… no way they are going to go from inside to packed together inside.

  19. Weekly COVID testing should begin as soon as possible. Not just for athletes.

  20. The reason they can’t reschedule Wimbledon is because of the condition of the grass for the Championships.

  21. It’s difficult to postpone Wimbledon due tot he weather. They don’t play if it’s raining so postponing it to the other side of summer (E.g. September) doesn’t bode well with London weather

  22. Owners have gone on record stating they are preparing for a 12-14 game season..

  23. The NFL loses credibility every time it issues a statement.Nothing suggests this scourge will be over anytime soon.Until there is a vaccine developed , no one is safe from this demon threat and no person I know is going to pack into a stadium like sardines to watch a football game. Everyone, I know is afraid to go anywhere they do not absolutely have to go at the present moment and this is not going to change anytime soon.

  24. Those London games are a total waste of time and resources for the teams that are forced to play there. If the London games are cancelled then the only casualty will be Goodell’s massive ego.

  25. The NFL games are MONTHS after Wimbledon.
    Come on, why do this?
    No one ones what things will be like a week from now, and you’re projecting months later?

  26. only Shad cares. He gets more revenue from those two games than the other six combined…hate those games!

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