Is this Drew Brees’ “final season”?

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Saints quarterback Drew Brees has not said whether he’ll play in 2021. Saints coach Sean Payton may have done that for him.

While discussing the current and future plans for quarterback Taysom Hill on ESPN, Payton said this: “Then the unique situation with our team and with our quarterback, Drew Brees, is he’s announced he’s coming back for his final season.”

But Brees hasn’t made any such announcement. Unless Payton misspoke, the announcement has been made.

While not a stunner, the notion that this is Brees’ final season creates a farewell-tour vibe that otherwise wouldn’t have existed. At some point before the season starts, someone surely will be asking Brees whether it truly is his last season — and whether he has a response to Payton’s potentially Freudian slip that it is.

Brees has been thinking about retirement for a while. He told PFT Live on the Friday before the Super Bowl that, after the team’s struggles of 2013-16, Brees entered the 2017 season with a belief that he’d retire, in the event the season went poorly.

It didn’t. And every season since then has gone extremely well, keeping the Saints in the mix for a potential return to the Super Bowl, possibly in what apparently will be Brees’ final season.

16 responses to “Is this Drew Brees’ “final season”?

  1. Seeing how he can barely throw the ball 30 yards it should be his final season.

  2. And, of course, reporters will just be OBLIGATED to ask Brees annoying and rude questions about all year long, right? Just leave the man alone and let him play.

  3. I’d like to see Brees go out with one more ring. He’s earned it just in terms of how much fun he’s been to watch all these years.

  4. I checked on Drew’s cap hit for next year. $36,150,000. Or cut him loose for a $22,650,000 dead money charge.
    Ouch. That will leave a mark.

  5. IMO Brees end-of-season comments about Taysom heavily-indicates he sees the Finish Line coming upon him.

  6. Physically, it should have been 2 years ago. Brees had a noodle arm at the end of the season and missing those 5 games last season, actually saved him or his playoff performance would have been even worse.
    Both Brees and Brady are seriously showing signs of age. Brady gets gittery in the pocket and his reaction time is definitely slower. But their football smarts and leadership abilities can compensate, to some degree, for these limitations. Brady’s last superbowl was proof to a lot of people that Brady still belonged. For team chemistry, yes, but 75% of NFL QBs could score 6 or 7 points to win that game.

  7. Brees has been done for a while. The only person who doesn’t realize is him.

    That would be a really expensive clip-board holder if he comes back next season to back up Hill.

  8. He looked very mediocre against the Vikings. He is obviously not what he was two years ago. The end can come quickly.

  9. Nope, Drew has a lot left in him but I’m wondering if he can play more than 8 games at a top tier level?

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